The Incredible Reconnect Under the Aurora Experience in Sweden

An Insight into the Reconnect Under the Aurora experience in Sweden

As many of our regular readers will know, Sweden sits atop our list when it comes to places to go to clear the mind and find balance in one’s life. However, it’s also an ideal place to bring loved ones together and the Reconnect Under the Aurora experience will be one of the most incredible ways to do it.

Sweden is an extraordinary country, and some people might not realise that it’s almost twice the size of the whole of the United Kingdom, 449,964 square kilometres vs 242,500 square kilometres. All that space means there’s pretty much an endless range of things to experience. However, right up there amongst the magical thing you can do in the country is watching the Aurora Borealis, which brings us nicely onto the newly-launched Reconnect Under the Aurora experience.

What is the Reconnect Under the Aurora experience?
It’s a brand new experience from Off the Map Travel that will be available from the 1st of December. It’s been designed to bring loved ones together under the gaze of the Northern Lights.

A traditional lavvu lit up in the forest at night

The experience is a luxury 4-night break created for families with children aged over four. Guest will get the opportunity to stay in a new lavvu, a traditional tepee used by the nomadic Sami people and in addition to this, they’ll get the opportunity to stay in a log cabin retreat deep in the sub-Arctic woods. Each of the 30m2 lavvu’s has been upgraded for this winter with a large “aurora window”, which will give guests some awe-inspiring views of the Northern Lights.

One of the amazing log cabins on the Reconnect Under the Aurora experience

The experience caters for up to four guests, and please don’t be worried about it getting cold as there will be wood and automatic fuel burners to keep you comfortable and warm during the stay.

“The new lavvu accommodation is not only warm, cosy and beautifully furnished, but also all face north to get the best views of the Northern Lights,” said Jonny Cooper, founder of Off the Map Travel, which designed the experience.

“The large clear Northern Lights panel incorporated into the side of the lavvu brings a novel connection with the wilderness, meaning you’ll never miss a second when searching for the Aurora. It’s an incredible, immersive and cultural experience – perfect for families to reconnect.”

A woman meeting a friendly moose

Although the experience aims to bring loved ones together, let’s be honest, sometimes even the best parents need some time alone to experience some extraordinary natural beauty away from the kids. Fortunately, Off the Map Travel understands this and have brought in the assistance of an expert Sami guide, who’ll teach the young ones traditional survival skills, including how to make Gáhkko bread, while the older children will get to learn the art of ice fishing.

“The new itinerary is perfect for families with children over four years old, including exclusive activities available for the young ones,” added Jonny. “The Covid pandemic tore many families apart. We want this experience to be the ultimate antidote to help them unwind, come together and be a family again under one of the world’s great wonders.”

Two bothers bonding with some huskies

This itinerary is created to allow multi-generational families to travel with exclusive use of all facilities, allowing for undisturbed quality time together.

A mix of adventure and relaxation with experiences to suit all ages, each day is packed with an opportunity to explore, meet wildlife and enjoy special moments together.

Reconnect Under the Aurora details

The 5-day, 4-night, ‘Reconnect under the Aurora’ itinerary exclusive to Off the Map Travel costs from £6699 per person, excluding flights, on a full board basis.

Dog sledding in Sweden

The price includes two nights at the new aurora lavvu and two nights at the Arctic Retreat, private transfers, meeting the moose experience at Cape Wild, a snowmobile safari, Sami cultural experience with reindeer, a trip to the Arctic Circle, relaxation on a floating sauna, dog sledding adventure and a very special outdoor foodie family activity.

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