REVIEW: Luxurious Magazine Gets Hands On With The HONOR MagicWatch 2

Huawei TruSleep on the MagicWatch 2 monitors sleep patterns

Can the watch monitor your sleep patterns?
Yes, through Huawei’s TruSleep technology, the MagicWatch 2 can monitor your sleep patterns, and can detect what state you’re in i.e. REM sleep, light sleep, or when you’re awake. This function can be enabled via the Huawei Health app, and data is shown when you select the pink ‘Sleep’ option after hitting the top push button.

What other functions does the HONOR MagicWatch 2 offer?
Pushing the top button on the watch, and a scroll through the menu reveals another whole plethora of options away of fitness. The watch can store up to 500 songs or you can stream music directly from your smartphone via the speaker or via Bluetooth headphones (Earbuds) if paired. There’s also a compass, a stopwatch, the ability to buzz your paired phone if you’ve misplaced it nearby, a torch, weather and air pressure readouts, alongside some breathing exercises to help stay relaxed.

Huawei MagicWatch 2 receiving a call

Can you answer calls and read text messages?
When paired, the watch will ring at the same time as the phone, allowing you to take calls on your wrist via the speaker if you don’t have headphones. The sound quality is excellent for such a small device, and we found that people on the other end of the line had no qualms about any elements of the conversation appearing muffled. Although we didn’t test it, there’s also the option of pairing the Magic Watch 2 to some Earbuds for more private conversations.

To read your latest text unread text messages, all you need to do is swipe up on the main display. Once you have clicked on these on your phone, they will then disappear off the watch, or you can equally clear them off the screen at the touch of a button. We didn’t have any e-mails coming through the watch, so we cannot provide any constructive views on this particular option.

How easy is the HONOR Magic Watch 2 to use?
We wouldn’t say it is 100% intuitive, and you can sometimes end up doing lots of swipes to find your way around if you forget where a particular function or menu is stored. The watch only comes with a small instruction booklet, but there are plenty of user guides on the web and on the Huawei website if you do end up getting stuck.

Huawei MagicWatch 2 battery life

How long does the battery last?
The battery life is actually very good, with power lasting up to two weeks on a full charge subject to usage. This is all thanks to Huawei’s all-new Kirin A1 chipset, which processes data faster, whilst using less power to operate the various functions. The battery can be easily replenished via the USB-C cable and magnetic dock that slots straight on to the back of the watch.

Is the watch comfortable to wear?
The black rubber strap on our watch was easy enough to adjust to get the right fit, but it does feel quite bulky to wear if you have a small wrist (the MagicWatch 2 is 1cm thick). The only other annoyance is that if your phone is not in the Bluetooth range, the display will not have the latest data on it e.g. the weather. An alert can be set via the app to inform you when the connection has been lost.

What did we think of the HONOR MagicWatch 2?

REVIEW: Luxurious Magazine Gets Hands On With The HONOR MagicWatch 2 4
What do we think about the HONOR MagicWatch 2?

If you’re a gadget lover and are very much into wearable tech, or don’t mind sacrificing the look and feel of a traditional horological timepiece, the 46mm HONOR Magic Watch 2 would definitely be worthy of gracing your wrist (as long as it’s substantial enough!). It’s got plenty of functions that have been cleverly packaged into a stylish device, and for those who love their fitness especially, the Magic Watch 2 delivers very good value for money versus the competition.
REVIEW: Luxurious Magazine Gets Hands On With The HONOR MagicWatch 2 4

HONOR MagicWatch 2 – Where and How?

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REVIEW: Luxurious Magazine Gets Hands On With The HONOR MagicWatch 2 4


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