Luxurious Magazine Review: The New HUAWEI P30 Pro Smartphone


Dual-View video and editing on the go
Video is another strong product attribute for the latest P30 Series. Dual-View Video (from the end of April) will enable two perspectives of the same scene to be captured at the same time by using multiple cameras simultaneously. This means that you will get a full view of a scene, whilst also capturing a close-up of a subject. Additionally, the SuperZoom lens allows for crisp close-ups, while the AI Video Editor enables users to add background music and special effects to their videos, turning the HUAWEI P30 Pro into a mobile production studio.

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The HUAWEI P30 Pro weighs just 192g, is 8.9mm thick and features a 6.47-inch HDR AMOLED touchscreen (the P30 is 6.1 inches). The smartphone comes in four different finishes on the rear of the device, which is namely “Breathing Crystal”, “Amber Sunrise” (only available with the 512GB model), “Aurora”, “Pearl White” and “Black” (like our test unit).

HiVision to learn more
The HiVision function is another really cool feature, which can be found using the eye symbol on the camera. By choosing the calories option, you can point the camera towards an item of food, and it will identify what it is, and give you the calorific content. We tried this on different types of sushi, and it was impressive, but not bulletproof in terms of its accuracy. With the HiVision function, you can also scan can paintings or buildings to learn more about them.

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Battery life
The HUAWEI P30 Pro features a 4200mAh battery, and we were told that the more you use it, the longer the battery life will be as the phone learns about your usage behaviour – we’ve yet to tell whether this is the case. The cable and charger can replenish a battery from empty to 70% in just 30 minutes, whilst it takes 45 minutes to get to 90%, and an hour for 100%. When full, the battery is meant to last up to two days with “normal” usage.

Comfort and security
The P30 Pro is comfortable to hold thanks to its curved glass screen which is more of a wrap-around, rather than being a purely flat surface like you would find on the iPhone for example. Using various connotations of applying your thumb on the screen, you can set the fingerprint recognition so that only you can get into it when using the sensor, and at the same time, you can also choose a conventional four or six-digit passcode.

So in conclusion…

Being at the start of our adventure with the P30 Pro here at Luxurious Magazine, there’s still plenty more to discover about it, and I have literally only scratched the surface in terms of what it’s capable of. However, I must admit that I really like what I’ve have seen so far, and as I get more au fait with the functions, it’s quite possible that I may just become an Android convert…Watch this space!

HUAWEI P30 Pro – Where and How?

For more information on the new HUAWEI P30 Pro, visit

The HUAWEI P30 Pro costs £899/€999 for the 128GB version, and £1,099/€1,249 for the 512GB model.
Take a look at our Instagram page to see some of the photos that we’ve taken using the HUAWEI P30 Pro (#capturedonhuawei).

HUAWEI P30 Pro review by Simon Wittenberg

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