Sophie Kinsella’s “My not so Perfect Life” – Book Review

Review of Sophie Kinsella's "My not so Perfect Life"

Natasha Godbold reviews the book “My Not so Perfect Life” by Sophie Kinsella

It’s great to have someone you can always rely on. Brilliant authors are like trusted friends – never let you down. With them, before you even start reading a book, you already know it will be enjoyable. In my opinion, Sophie Kinsella is one of these authors. Every time she publishes a book, I simply can’t wait to read it.

As any quality book would, “My not so Perfect Life” highlights certain modern trends and phenomena in our society as well as keeping you entertained by trials and tribulations of an adorable heroine. Katie Brenner – Somerset country girl born and bred – aspires to live and work in London. She is tenacious and naturally talented enough to make it, but will the big bad city let her achieve her dreams or will it crush them under the feet of eager fellow commuters?

Reading “My not so Perfect Life” allows you a glimpse into a world of branding and marketing, and makes you contemplate just how fake and trends-obsessed our lives have become. It appears that, if you use enough of the right words to describe something, such as bespoke, artisan, sustainable, organic, authentic etc. etc., you can sell anything!

Regardless of the real attributes of a product, just a mere mention of a celebrity name will promote it no end and ensure its popularity. As if people stopped caring about the actual quality of things in blind pursuit of the latest trends and fashionable innovations.

Everywhere we go these days we constantly witness people placing special demands, claiming: “I’m allergic to this… or I’m intolerant to that…” The question is: how many of these people are actually allergic to what they claim they are, and how many of them are just faking it? It’s almost as if some of these “conditions” were specifically invented to upgrade the “sufferers” into the ranks of “elite”, “special” and “VIP”. How mad is the world we live in, when people invent illnesses to stay in vogue and on trend?

And what about our obsession with creating an image on social media sites? Looking at people’s glossy photos suggesting they live the lives of luxury and success, do we really believe them? Are their lives really “perfect” or are they just creating an illusion to make themselves feel better about their problems and failures? And could you be guilty of doing it yourself?

These are just some of the questions the author addresses. But don’t worry about being bored or getting overly analytical. There is absolutely no danger of that! You simply won’t have a chance! The twists and turns of the heroine’s life are so compelling that you will be lucky to get any sleep before you finish the last page.

“My not so Perfect Life” is my absolute dream book. While being relevant, clever and up-to-date, it’s not a gruesome contemporary piece of fiction. It’s exceptionally funny and entertaining. And the style of writing is so light and kind-hearted, it almost reads like a fairy-tale for grown-ups. The kind that makes you want to believe in miracles, triumph of good over evil and real-life happy endings! It’s giddily pacy and the characters are so loveable, you can’t help but let them into your heart.

“My not so Perfect Life” – Where and how?

Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd
ISBN: 9780593074787
Number of pages: 400
Weight: 665 g
Dimensions: 240 x 162 x 35 mm

The book is available through Waterstones and Amazon.

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