Roganic Hong Kong Introduces 2nd Annual “Friends of Sustainability” Series

Three of the chefs who will be at Roganic's "Friends of Sustainability" series

This May, Michelin Green Star recipient Roganic Hong Kong will be joining forces with the hospitality leaders in Hong Kong to showcase sustainable practices through chef collaborations and exclusive dining events for its annual “Friends of Sustainability” series.

Simon Rogan’s Roganic is on a mission to raise awareness of how important sustainable practices and development are for the hospitality industry. Together with friends from the local F&B industry, Roganic is bringing back Roganic & Friends of Sustainability for its second season.

On the agenda is a series of sustainability events and collaborations, including the Local Heroes Dinner presented by Roganic on 1st May and a special Eight-Hands Climate Action Charity Lunch on 29th May with the chefs of One Michelin-starred Roganic, CHAAT, Man Ho and Estro.

The Local Heroes Dinner on Friday – 1st May 2022
On 1st May, Roganic will host a special dinner to celebrate local artisans, growers, farmers, and producers with all ingredients – fruits, vegetables, and seafood – sourced within 160 kilometres of Hong Kong. The dinner is priced at HK$1,080+10% per guest, and the menu will feature 12 courses of innovative interpretations of farm-fresh local produce, from the creative use of Zen Farm carrots and Yi-o Farm’s cross-bred long grain rice to Hong Kong-grown strawberries with local honey for dessert.

One of the chefs holding a bag filled with vegetables

After dinner, each guest will receive surplus vegetables from Hong Kong Farmer’s Pride to take home in an eco-friendly and reusable Roganic-branded bag.

The Roganic Local Heroes Dinner Full Tasting Menu
(HK$1,080 + 10% per guest).

  • A4 wagyu, roast onion, seaweed and caviar
  • Yi-o rice cracker, karasumi, salted lemon
  • Truffle pudding, birch sap, stout and Lincolnshire poacher
  • New Territories tomato, whipped mussel, turnip
  • Soda bread with brown cultured English butter
  • Chawanmushi, mushroom XO, tendon, marrow
  • Zen farm carrots with chicken skin, horseradish, and wasabi leaf
  • Poached sea bass with farmhouse productions, vegetables and dill
  • 14-day aged duck with red cabbage, beetroot and preserved blackcurrant
  • Fig leaf with caramelized yoghurt cornetto
    Hong Kong strawberry with yuzu, honeycomb and shiso
  • Whipped hazelnut praline, brown butter koji caramel and Jerusalem artichoke

Chef Antimo Maria Merone holding a cauliflower for the "Friends of Sustainability" Series

Special Eight-Hands Climate Action Charity Lunch on Sunday – 29th May 2022
On 29th May (Sunday), Roganic gives trusted producers, growers, and friends the spotlight they deserve by way of a celebration lunch to conclude the month’s Roganic & Friends of Sustainability series. Proceeds from the lunch will be donated to Zero Foodprint Asia, which addresses greenhouse gas emissions through investments in carbon farming.

Zero Foodprint Asia is an arm of Zero Foodprint licensed and managed by Grassroots Initiatives, designed to help restaurants take action against climate change by way of funding farmers to grow better food while drawing down carbon via regenerative agriculture. Since April 2020, ZFP Global and its restaurant partners have raised over USD600,000 granted across 36 farm projects which are estimated to remove 18,000+ metric tons of carbon from the atmosphere.

The dinner is priced at HK$2,080, +10% per guest; the menu is a cross-collaboration among the city’s most acclaimed restaurants, including one Michelin-starred Roganic Hong Kong led by Chef Ashley Salmon, one Michelin-starred Indian restaurant CHAAT by Chef Manav Tuli, new avant-garde Italian restaurant Estro by Chef Antimo Maria Merone, and one Michelin-starred refined Cantonese restaurant Man Ho by Chef Jayson Tang.

The menu will use and feature as many local ingredients sourced within a 160km of Hong Kong radius as possible, including local seafood such as garoupa, shrimp, fish maw and an abundance of Hong Kong’s locally grown vegetables supplied by organic farms in the New Territories.

Chef Jayson Tang

8-Hands Climate Action Charity Lunch by Roganic Hong Kong x CHAAT x Estro x Man Ho
(HK$2,080 + 10% per guest).

  • Welcome Snacks (2 types)
    By Roganic’s Ashley Salmon
  • Local Cuttlefish with soy milk, capers
    By Estro’s Antimo Maria Merone
  • Dim Sum (2 types)
    Comprising steamed local shrimp dumpling with watercress and mandarin peel and deep-fried potato pastry stuffed with minced pork in local sweet corn sauce.
    By Man Ho’s Jayson Tang
  • Local Fish Maw Keema Served with milk buns
    By Chaat’s Manav Tuli
  • Irish Soda Bread
    By Roganic’s Ashley Salmon
  • Bottoni Pasta with locally grown eggplant parmigiana, yellow tomato, basil
    By Estro’s Antimo Maria Merone
  • Local deep-fried caul fat rolled with garoupa fillet and fish maw in white pepper fish broth
    By Man Ho’s Jayson Tang
  • Local Three yellow chicken, asparagus, smoked egg, mushroom ‘xo’
    By Roganic’s Ashley Salmon
  • Nimbu Hong Kong Lemon Tart Served with coconut ice cream
    By Chaat’s Manav Tuli
  • Marigold, Hong Kong Honey, preserved mulberry
    By Roganic’s Ashley Salmon

If you want to make a booking for any of the Friends of Sustainability events listed above, please visit

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Roganic Hong Kong Introduces 2nd Annual "Friends of Sustainability" Series 2


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