Interview With Roheen Berry, Owner & CEO Of Wiesmann

Inside the Wiesmann showroom.

LM: Has the rise of electric and hybrid power influenced any of your future investment and production plans?
RB: We were very lucky that we have chosen a partnership with BMW (who have one of the largest R&D budgets in the world), and as a result, we have the best technology available to us. This includes a combustion engine with minimal emissions and maximum output, or technology such as an electric motor or hydrogen power.

This partnership has not influenced what we are currently doing with Wiesmann as we are producing a low volume, 1,400kg model with an already efficient engine (compared to the original car which weighs 2,500kg). This being said, we are of course considering and researching the possibility of utilising electric power in the future.

Aerial view of the Gecko HQ in Dülmen, Germany.
Aerial view of the Gecko HQ in Dülmen, Germany.

LM: Where will the new car be made, and will it be hand-built like previous models?
RB: The new car will, of course, be made at the factory, Gecko HQ in Dülmen, Germany (the building is shaped like a giant gecko, like the company’s logo), where it will be hand-built as standard. However it will be subject to improved manufacturing processes and an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system which has already recorded, monitored and reduced the rate of faults.

Interview With Roheen Berry, Owner & CEO Of Wiesmann 2

LM: Why did you choose to support the 2019 Cash & Rocket tour, and please can you explain to our readers what it is?
RB: Cash & Rocket is not only an incredible initiative which raises funds for charities in Africa, but is also right on point in terms of the current conversation around women.
The automotive category has typically ignored women in terms of marketing and the whole buying process. We have a very different belief at Wiesmann – women love our cars just as much as men, as they are an incredible drive, no matter what your sex. Women are and will always be a key part of our marketing efforts and we look forward to many more years working together with Cash & Rocket and other charities to drive change.

LM: What are your personal luxuries?
RB: From a very young age, I was always fascinated by design and the various different forms it can take. But beautiful design cannot exist alone without careful consideration of materials and craftsmanship – and the time it can take to create. Of course, I think for any entrepreneur, time is, however, the greatest luxury of all!

Wiesmann Gecko HQ in Dülmen, Germany.
Gecko HQ in Dülmen, Germany.

LM: How do you see the future of Wiesmann?
RB: We don’t see ourselves as a purely automotive business – we also see ourselves as a technology company by repurposing the skills we have acquired not only through Wiesmann, but through the entire Group. With unrivalled access to design, technology – including IT, materials and products, we are more than confident that there will always be a demand for Wiesmann cars due to the unique nature of the brand.

Wiesmann – Where and How?

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Interview with Roheen Berry of Wiesmann by Simon Wittenberg

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