Royal Salute Adds 26 Year Old Scottish Oak Cask Finish To Kingdom Collection

Royal Salute Adds 26 Year Old Scottish Oak Cask Finish To Kingdom Collection

Simon Wittenberg takes a look at Royal Salute’s new limited-edition expression inspired by its Scottish roots.

Just a few weeks after the London unveiling of the House of Quinn by Richard Quinn flagons, Royal Salute’s next new expression is the limited edition 26 Year Old Scottish Oak Cask Finish. Forming part of the brand’s Kingdom Collection, which honours the majesty of Kingdoms around the world, this exceptional blend is inspired by its native Scotland, which is home to a rich heritage, royal traditions, as well as magical and picturesque landscapes.

This whisky (40% ABV) has been laid down in ultra-rare virgin Scottish oak casks sourced by Royal Salute’s Master Blender Sandy Hyslop, who personally selected the oak from a single sustainably-managed forest in the heart of Scotland.

The rich new blend artistically combines Royal Salute’s signature style with a unique cask finish, resulting in a distinctive and extraordinary depth of flavour.

Matured for a remarkable 26 years, the end product offers whisky lovers an aroma of rich dark toffee, lemon curd and milk chocolate in honeycomb, which is complemented by ripe plums, apricot and crystalised ginger.

Royal Salute's latest addition to the Kingdom Collection on a serving trolley

On the palate, drinkers will find salted caramel and thick-set honey, which gives way to toasted oak and marmalade and spicy notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. The finish is long and rich with a touch of smoke.

The new limited edition 26 Year Old Scottish Oak Cask Finish whisky is aptly housed in a vibrant earthy and pastel green flagon sporting a stunning design that pays tribute to the lush forests in which Scottish oak can be found.

The flagon and its box on a window sill with views looking over wild Scottish moorland

This same theme has been transposed onto the stunning gift box, which features intricate golden motifs and illustrations synonymous with Scotland, such as striking landscapes and the iconic Strathisla Distillery, in the heart of Speyside, where all the most precious Royal Salute blends are safely locked away.

Sandy Hyslop, the master blender at Royal Salute

Talking about the unveiling of the new blend, Royal Salute’s Master Blender Sandy Hyslop (above) explained that he wanted to encapsulate and balance the robust and distinctive flavours of wild Scottish oak casks into a blend that carried all the quality hallmarks expected of Royal Salute.

He added that working with such precious casks was an extremely meticulous yet exciting task, and adding the rare finish to the new blend perfectly depicted Scotland’s captivating and wonderous characteristics.

Royal Salute 26 Year Old Scottish Oak Cask Finish – Where and How?

The Royal Salute 26 Year Old Scottish Oak Cask Finish is available in limited quantities at select luxury retailers worldwide, priced at $379 USD (around £290). For more information on the new release, visit

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