Taking The Theme Of Luxury And Running With It In Jamaica

Taking The Theme Of Luxury And Running With It In Jamaica 5

Located in a tropical mountain valley, complete with a river and spring, this farm for me represented mother nature at its best. With 400 coconut trees, 700 pineapple plants and banana trees galore, it is a haven for nature lovers. But the show-stopper was perching up on a chair around the kitchen watching my lunch being prepared. The food was divine, but the theatrical performance by our chefs was simply mesmerising. It’s no wonder why their Youtube channel showcasing a weekly cookery class is popular.

Taking The Theme Of Luxury And Running With It In Jamaica 6

Leaving Negril behind for Montego Bay, we temporarily turned our backs on food and cast our focus to nourishing the body with exercise. We found ourselves in the bosom of the new all-inclusive beachfront oasis that is the Jewel Grande. With 217 butler-appointed suites and stately villas, this two-storey 30,000-square foot island villa Grande Spa, boasts locally based Spa Rituals curated by Reggaelates founder and yoga instructor, Sienna Creasy.

The wellness oasis houses Jamaica’s only Himalayan Salt Halotherapy Lounge and first Quartz therapy massage table – best known to provide mental harmony, detoxification, and an immune system boost. Sadly, we didn’t have time to experience either one of these treatments, but we did have a yoga session with Sienna which helped pull and stretch our limbs. Travel can have stress on the body after all.

Jamaicans, as we know, are passionate about both sport and music. And so en-route from Montego Bay to Port Antonio, we made a brief lunch stop at Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Records, which marries these two loves of Jamaican folks in the form of casual dining and entertainment. The place was abuzz as early as midday and the food portions definitely Usain-sized. They certainly kept us full as we made our way to Geejam Resort some four hours’ drive away.

Taking The Theme Of Luxury And Running With It In Jamaica 7

Overlooking Jamaica’s north-eastern coast, this resort sits on a fantastic hillside of rainforest in the San San area of Port Antonia. As well as rooms hidden in trees, Geejam offers three private villas – Cocosan was the one we were privileged to call home for a few days. With a residential recording studio on site, we weren’t at all surprised (but still in awe) that Harry Styles stayed at the very same villa for two whole months. Other notable stars to have visited in the past, have been the late Amy Winehouse and Gwen Stefani to mention a few.

Taking The Theme Of Luxury And Running With It In Jamaica 8

Luxury doesn’t have to come in the shape of fancy hotels and private villas alone. Nature is luxurious too. And from this part of the world, there are a plethora of nature’s offerings to experience. From Reach Falls, an eco-attraction hidden in the Montane Forest on the John Crow Mountain Range, Frenchmans Cove Beach, a picturesque beach where the river flows right into the ocean and the Blue Lagoon, a natural favourite for swimmers made famous by Brooke Shields movie, there is simply not enough time to take it all in.

Taking The Theme Of Luxury And Running With It In Jamaica 9

Luxury comes in many guises and the ones I found in Jamaica were some of the best I have ever experienced.

Jamaica – Where and How?

For more information, or to book any of the hotels and experiences above, visit www.visitjamaica.com.

Jamaica article written by Sabi Phagura and compiled by Paul Godbold

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