Sandy Lam and the Piaget Limelight Jazz Party

Sandy Lam and the Piaget Limelight Jazz Party 4Enduring Piaget’s originality in jewellery artistry
Sandy Lam spills over the replenishing charm of Limelight Jazz Party Collection

Since 1874, Piaget’s bold innovation has been witnessed in its jewellery and watch creation, with knowhow and craftsmanship worked to the finest aesthetics. Today, Piaget still shares this unique root and launches its contemporary reinterpretation of classic designs and new jewellery collections signifying the glamour of artistry with surpassing craftsmanship and extraordinary design.

In 2010, Piaget’s new and striking Limelight Jazz Party collection has turned its jewellery and watch creation into pages of high-flying music notes, and eventually an intriguing piece of unforgettable music. Inspired by jazz music, jazz dance and jazz Diva, Piaget’s jazz club brings together the pianist who plays an impromptu R&B breezily from an indolent blues, and the singer offering her charisma and velvety voice on the stage as if she is telling her bittersweet story while riding on the band’s notes, seizing the moment of romance and joy. Limlight Jazz Party, in its utmost luxury outfit, shares the gem of time and pays tribute to the jazz era yet along with a dynamic approach to convey Piaget’s very own artistic thoughts.

Pop diva Sandy Lam, an occasional jazz singer, is unquestionably one of the best in interpreting Piaget’s Limelight Jazz Party collection’s core design spirit, as she has a full and confident grasp of performing jazzy notes in her cordial voice, attracting fans who are indulged in gazing at her swinging style on stage.
Sandy has her very own views on jazz – it’s much more than a music genre. Even though it stresses especially upon an impromptu, free and swinging mood, the characters and the tactic understanding are equally crucial among the band filled with strings and percussions to reveal the overall spirit similar to those of Piaget, who has always tied the knot and led the team to share the same values — focused, persistence and perfection in each own way to demonstrate the Piaget’s audacious spirit.

From her career inception to ongoing pursuit of music development, Sandy Lam has staged her finesse in the Asian music hall of fame by never repeating herself, aligning Piaget’s motto “always do better than necessary”, while Piaget has been incessantly playing out her daring design, since 1874, to achieve refinement in making fine watches and jewellery and stun the world with unique pieces. The collaboration between Piaget and Sandy Lam demonstrates how experience and diversity add to one’s success with a strong and persisting self-fulfilling spirit. Sandy Lam wears a dashing array of high jewellery and watches from the Limelight Jazz Party collection in a series of beautiful images, where her subtle elegance is composed and dignified with Piaget’s stylish creations, in turn voicing out her own jazzy flare and discreet charm.

The Limelight Jazz Party watch and jewellery collection strikes the glittering jazz and wavy thoughts through its indisputable design blended with rare gemstomes as if they are swinging on a piece of jazz, and lingering with the after-taste of glamour and style.

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