Restaurant and Bar Review: Unearthing Wild Flavours At Savage Garden

Restaurant and Bar Review: Unearthing Wild Flavours At Savage Garden 3

To round off our gastronomic experience, I tried the delightful paper bag of freshly fried and sugar coated doughnuts which arrived with a couple of syringes to inject either raspberry or caramel sauce into the pastry. As our host explained, you have to do it delicately to avoid any decorating your shirt as there is literally a tendency for it to backfire! Luckily, the dessert operation passed without incident and they were absolutely delicious.

Restaurant and Bar Review: Unearthing Wild Flavours At Savage Garden 4

After sampling Savage Garden’s food offering, it was then time to have our second round of cocktails before heading off for the night. Being a fan of whisky, I chose the “Punk Rock Fashioned” (£15), created from Jameson Irish, chocolate spirits and cherry bitters. It was a little too strong for my liking, and I think I would have also enjoyed it a little more had my taste buds not been so tarnished with the sugar of the doughnuts. It was nicely put together nonetheless.

My guest finished her “Savage Spritz” (£17) without hesitation, a nice melange of Plymouth sloe gin, Chartreuse goosed with red vineyard peach and hops bitters, and crowned with Ayala champagne from Aÿ in the heart of the champagne region. The service, on the whole, was quick during the time that we spent at the bar, and we were never left waiting for lengthy periods between drinks or courses.

All-in-all, if you’re on a night out and fancy a spot of sightseeing above the rooftops of the Capital to go alongside some cleverly concocted cocktails and good food, then it’s worth digging into your wallet to enjoy an evening at Savage Garden. Based on our experience, this is an establishment which will only continue to blossom.

Savage Garden – Where and How?

Savage Garden can be found at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London, Tower of London, 7 Pepys Street, London EC3N 4AF, United Kingdom.

For more information, or to make a reservation, visit

Savage Garden review written by Simon Wittenberg

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