Savback Helicopters and GHT Unite for Ultralight Helicopter Concept

Savback Helicopters and GHT's Ultralight Helicopter concept

Family firms Savback Helicopters and GHT have united to create a supercar for the air, a rotary-wing concept taking cues from the automotive world. Their creation is an Ultralight helicopter that can carry two people in luxury for up to 280 miles.

Imagine flying in your helicopter that cocoons you like a luxury supercar, whirring along with the ground rushing beneath you. The skies open up, allowing you to travel where ever you fancy, almost like getting in a car and heading off. This will be a reality as companies such as Savback Helicopters of Sweden and GHT of Italy push the boundaries, developing Ultralight aircraft.

The Ultralight Helicopter concept will expand the worlds of ultralight aircraft ownership and flying training; Savback and GHT have used their years of experience in their fields to produce a unique rotary-wing aircraft, evolving from an existing GHT platform. The companies have not looked at current aircraft for reference; instead, they have adopted ideas from the automotive industry, which you can see in the helicopter’s streamlined bodywork.

As the Pilot or passenger, you will be enveloped in luxury and state of the art technology for your safety and entertainment. The sumptuous cabin interior includes exquisite leather from the same company that supplies Italian firm Ferrari guaranteed to make your flight comfortable.

The Ultralight Helicopter will be able to go anywhere with its high performance yet economical turbine engine and latest avionics. It can reach speeds over 100 knots (112mph) with a range of 255 nautical miles (280 miles). Think of the opportunities this creates for business users, who could commute long distances and still have quality family time.

Savback believes many purchases will be owner-operators, so they Pilot the Ultralight themselves due to the ease of flying it allows. They will love the size of the aircraft and the flexibility to use the helicopter like a car, going from home to work, holiday locations or anywhere they desire.

One of the helicopters produced by GHTGHT Founder and owner Grillo Claudio said, “Thanks to the collaboration with the Savback Helicopter Team, this new model has changed its Look and Design. Modifications have been made to the fuselage before, obtaining excellent visual and aerodynamic results, given the results obtained both in the wind tunnel and in-flight tests. Changes have also been made to the interior design using the highest quality finishes, to create a very elegant and efficient cockpit.”

“The new model is a step forward for next-generation, easy and quick, personal and private mobility helicopters; our re-imagined vision will provide a next-generation experience that brings freedom of movement, security, low cost, high reliability and low consumption rate.”

Michael Savbäck, Founder and Head of Sales, Savback Helicopters, added, “Using the latest mechanical and avionics technologies, combined with the experience of proven and talented aeronautical designers, engineers and artisans, GHT has delivered the next-generation ultralight helicopters. Savback is proud and enthusiastic to be able to share this new technology with the world.”

The Ultralight Helicopter is built and will be available to purchase soon, but the two companies are already creating additional safety enhancements to elevate future production aircraft.

The Ultralight Helicopter will make becoming a Pilot more accessible due to its lower price and the ease of flying it. It is a great looking, capable aircraft and I believe it will be extremely popular.

About Savback Helicopters and GHT

One of the current models from Savback HelicoptersOne of the current models from Savbäck.

Savback Helicopters is renowned in the industry, having traded and marketed rotary-wing aircraft for over thirty years. At the core of Savback is a hands-on family supported by a talented team of specialists. It has a global reach today but is very proud of its Swedish heritage.

GHT Helicopters is headquartered in Aprilia, Italy, where there is an extensive site and facilities dedicated to helicopter production, research, and development. The aviation company benefits from a team of specialists in diverse fields whose driving force is to create vehicles that guarantee security and freedom.

The company’s helicopters demonstrate a continuous dedication to providing clients with the highest standard of technology and innovation, manufacturing the best products.

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Savback Helicopters and GHT Unite for Ultralight Helicopter Concept 2


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