6 Top Tips For Saving Your Skin From Daily Summer Aggressors

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Healthy looking skin is something that most of us crave, and the way to ensure this is by taking the proper steps and precautions now. Let’s face facts; there’s little point in looking at your face ten or twenty years down the line and moaning you’d wish you’d done something when you could have. Fortunately, Dr Giuseppe Aragona is here today to point you in the right direction.

The summer is arguably one of the best seasons; light nights, warm air, and social gatherings put everyone in a good mood. However, Summer can also be the worst for your complexion, with the heat, sun, pollution and allergies causing havoc to your skin. Here, Dr Giuseppe Aragona, a GP and online doctor for OnlinePrescriptionDoctor, has shared his top tips on saving your skin against daily summer aggressors.

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1. Apply SPF daily
SPF is when of your best friends when it comes to preventing ageing. You should wear an SPF every day, even when the sun’s not out. Wearing SPF will protect your skin barrier from the harsh summer elements such as the sun, pollution and pollen, which can contribute to dry, dehydrated skin. You should always opt for factor 50 SPF daily to ensure that you are well protected, and your skin remains healthy and plump.

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2. Double cleanse
Making sure your skin is properly cleaned at the end of the day is the best way to keep it clean and free from dirt, grime, sweat and pollutants. If you go to bed with dirty skin, these particles will transfer from your face to your pillow, which will mean that you are more likely to promote acne and pimples. Double cleansing ensures that you take off the base layer of dirt, so makeup and grime, and then also the second layer, which actually cleans the skin.

3. Ramp up your skincare
Anti pollution skin care is imperative if you live in a city in the summer, as pollution, pollen and hay fever can be rife, affecting your skin pretty badly. Opt for antioxidants such as Vitamin C serums, as these will help to keep the skin bright and full of life and protect the skin from daily aggressors.

I would also advise a good skincare routine at night and applying a hydrating serum and lotion before bed to ensure your skin is being renewed properly throughout the night. If your skin is feeling dry from a day in the sun, you may want to try a hydrating nighttime mask to give the skin back the moisture it so badly needs; applying Inur Renew sleeping mask for a night will be your best bet for giving skin its glow back.

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4. Hydrate properly
Drinking water frequently is one of the best and most effective ways to avoid dehydrated and dry skin. It’s one of nature’s gifts, and by drinking plenty of water each day, you’ll be rewarded with plump, healthy skin. Another of the benefits of drinking water regularly is in addition to better-looking skin, our bodies and brains will function much better. Dehydrated skin can lead to more pronounced lines and wrinkles, so the best rule of thumb is to aim to drink eight glasses of water each day if you can.

5. Keep hands clean
If you live in a city, chances are your hands will be full of dirt and germs from public transport, work and day to day life. If you touch your face with dirty hands, this dirt then transfers to the skin, and you could end up with irritated, dry skin and acne. Try to wash your hands as much as possible. If you find it difficult, keep a hand sanitiser on you to ensure your hands are kept clean. Try to also avoid touching your face too much throughout the day.

6. Treat allergy symptoms
Pollen can be another summer aggravator that can irritate and cause damaged, dry and flaky skin due to rubbing or itching of the skin. The best way to prevent this from occurring is with anti allergy treatments such as Fexofenadine, which provides effective relief from hay fever symptoms, such as sneezing, a runny nose and itchy and watering eyes. It will help keep symptoms at bay, meaning you won’t risk irritating your skin, leading to a dehydrated/dry skin barrier.

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