Scandinavian Styled Décor Adds the Most Value to Your Home

Scandinavian Styled Décor Adds the Most Value to Your Home

Décor is a personal choice, but styling a property to suit your preference could mean you’re missing out on a big future payday if you plan to sell. Interior design styles such as Scandinavian can add £100,000s more value to your property than some other styles.

With the housing market now open for business and the sun shining, many people are on the hunt for a new property.

If you’re planning to capitalise on these potential buyers, you need to ensure your property looks the best it possibly can. Some of you will be thinking to yourself “it’s my home, I can decorate it as I want”. And, you’d be right, but what you feel is beautiful doesn’t always appeal to others.

So, which style of décor adds the most to the value of your home? were eager to find out. They analysed 10 of the most popular décor designs on Zoopla to uncover which interior design style adds the most value to your home*.

If you’re keen to maximise the value of your home and are up for a bit of decorating, these are the styles you should be adopting.

It seems that IKEA’s influence on Britain is no understatement as the Scandinavian décor style comes out on top!

The average price listed is £572,079; that’s £340,224 higher than the current average UK house price (£231,855).

In second place is farmhouse – at an average of £521,398 on Zoopla, it is £289,543 more than the average.

Rustic interior décor claims third place with an average of £516,952 – £285,097 above the country’s average. It’s true to say that a no-fuss aesthetic can showcase not only a natural and subdued atmosphere but also a hefty increase in value!

In third, fourth and fifth place are bohemian, vintage and contemporary, with average house prices of £515,674, £505,828 and £501,147 respectively – that’s a rise of £283,819, £273,973 and £269,292 above the UK’s average.

Kim and Kanye will also be happy to know their interior décor adds value to their home. Minimalist-style homes are listed at an average value of £452,449 – a rise of £220,594.

Which decor adds the most value to your home?

  1. Scandinavian – +£340,224
  2. Farmhouse – +£289,543
  3. Rustic – +£285,097
  4. Bohemian – +£283,819
  5. Vintage – +£273,973
  6. Contemporary – +£269,292
  7. Mid-century modern – +£238,539
  8. Minimalist – +£220,594
  9. Industrial – +£165,079
  10. Traditional – +£115,243

As you can see from the above numbers, having a traditional style decor in a home could mean you’re missing out on a couple of hundred thousand pounds when compared to a Scandinavian style. When you look at these numbers, it really does make sense to change your decor!

Other Interior Design Styles of Interest
Bankrate also looked at less popular décor styles and found that a home with Gothic interiors can pay off handsomely with an added value of £114,141.

Interestingly, the increasing influence of Asia in the West (think K-pop and cherry blossom trees) can also translate to interior design, as houses with ‘Japanese’ styles are selling for an average of £329,790 – £97,935 above the UK’s average.

*Bankrate entered the ten biggest interior design styles into the keyword section of Zoopla’s property search and calculated the average prices for houses in England containing each interior décor, ranking them from the most valuable to the least as of May 2020.

According to Land Registry’s House Price Index (HPI) and correct as of March 2020, the average house price in the UK is £231,855.

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