Scandinavian watchmakers GoS launch their first ever dress watch called the Bifrost Isbla

Scandinavian watchmakers GoS launch their first ever dress watch called the Bifrost

The Scandinavian watchmakers GoS watches have introduced their latest timepiece called Bifost Isblå, this new limited edition is the brands first dress watch.

For those familiar with the recent Marvel movies based upon the Norse God Thor, the name Bifrost will be familiar to you, for just about everyone else, let us explain a little more about this word. Bifrost is the name of the sacred rainbow bridge in Norse mythology. The rainbow bridge was thought to connect the earth (Midgård) and the realm of the gods (Asgård). GoS tempered damascus steel dials require natural light to generate their dynamic colors, much in the same way that a rainbow appears only when light shines through the moist air.

The Bifrost collection is the first GoS dress watch and what we believe to be the first ever damascus steel watch of its size. It’s a timepiece which is pleasing to the eye and owing to its more modest size it should look great on a woman’s wrist as well.

One of the major design differences between the Bifrost and their previous models from GoS is in the bezel. The watchmakers have chosen to emphasize the pattern of the dial and present a more refined case. The sunray burst of the steel bezel draws the focus towards the dial where the index ring has been redesigned to give the dial more space to shine. The Bifrost Isblå embodies the blue nuances that are captured in thick . As with all of the GoS watches, every Bifrost Isblå is a unique piece, and individually numbered. The initial Bifrost Isblå models will be limited to 25pcs, with further versions based on additional color themes to follow, including bi-color gold/damascus steel versions. The Bifrost collection represents the first GoS model to feature Johan Gustafsson’s newly developed “high contrast” stainless damascus steel. The case features this fantastic new material, as does the rotor which is shaped like the GoS triskele symbol. The design of the case and case back is such that the weight of the rotor is hidden, showing only the movement and the triskele shaped damascus steel rotor. Johan Gustafsson invented and refined the process to make his “high contrast” stainless damascus steel during the autumn of 2013. This material allows them to create even more intricately defined patterns, providing a true step forward over their previous models.

There are only a handful of bladesmiths who have succeeded in making pattern-welded stainless steel. However, Johan has taken it to the level where he is now able to create the same kind of dense and expressive patterns in his new stainless damascus steel as when he is working in carbon based steel.

The hands of the Bifrost Isblå are formed from solid white gold, bearing the same the GoS sword shape that premiered in the Stockholm model. All hands and index rings are hand finished with polished bevels and a “satinized “top. The GoS triskele is a triple blade shape with a design that is loosely based on triskele symbols that are common in ancient Nordic and Celtic culture. One of the most famous of these symbols is the interlocked triple horn that symbolise the god Oden (and his drinking habits).

The Bifrost Isblå’s strap is crafted from soft, black nubuck. The matte surface of the strap blends well with the damascus steel finish of the case. These handmade GoS straps are paired with a stainless steel GoS buckle, and are secured by screws to the case’s lugs.

The Bifrost collection represents the first GoS model to feature Johan Gustafsson's newly developed "high contrast" stainless damascus steel

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