Seaham Hall Reveals its Holistic Spa Approach to Whole Person Wellness

Seaham Hall Reveals its Holistic Spa Approach to Whole Person Wellness

There’s an increasing need to address mental wellbeing within the spa environment, with approximately ‘1 in 6’ people now reporting that they experience anxiety and depression in any given week (Source: MIND*).

Reducing stress and anxiety, improving mood, increasing self-esteem and improving quality of life are said to be just a few of the many benefits provided through spa therapy. Relaxation techniques slow heart rate and breathing, lower blood pressure and reduce muscle tension and are therefore an effective way to maintain and improve overall mental and physical health.

In recognition of this, Durham’s five-star hotel and spa, Seaham Hall, is committed to growing its portfolio of treatments and therapies explicitly aimed at promoting calm, cohesion and positivity, introducing a range of alternative treatments in 2019 that focus on the key tenets of rebalancing life, improving sleep quality, de-stressing and promoting relaxation (with plans to extend these therapies even further in 2020).

Seaham Hall Spa

Seaham Hall also works closely with Temple Spa, which supports MIND as one of its main charity partners. Together with the use of Temple Spa’s wide range of specialist products in the spa, Seaham Hall also gifts all overnight guests with Temple Spa’s Quietude Calming Mist to help promote sleep and has plans to introduce Repose Aromatherapy Cream as part of a new ‘Sleep Menu’ next year.

Seaham Hall’s Holistic Treatments and Alternative Therapies include:

Mind Calm sessions with Sylvia Mather, from Hummingbird Hypnotherapy, aims to educate, and to enhance a guest’s spa journey, allowing them to leave behind stresses and worries and ensuring they emerge completely rejuvenated at the end of their visit.

During the session, guests are guided into a relaxed state using natural hypnosis. The sessions aim to remind guests how wonderfully unique they are and to help them get the very best in terms of rejuvenation from their experience.
Mind Calm sessions cost from £70 pp; 60 minutes.

Hypnotherapy is a popular alternative therapy that more people are utilising to take them through a variety of psychological barriers including stress, anxieties, irrational fears and addictions. Whatever a guest wishes to achieve from hypnotherapy, Seaham Hall’s specialist hypnotherapist can guide them towards their goal.

Hypnotherapy sessions at Seaham Hall include:

  • Hypnotherapy (Anxiety, Weight Loss, Stress) | Eradicate stress, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, depression, and any of the mental and physical symptoms associated with these conditions, using powerful and targeted Hypnotherapy and Kinetic Shift techniques. £100 pp; 60 minutes
  • Wellbeing Session | Here, the therapist looks at all aspects of a guest’s life and wellbeing that they would like to improve or change. It is tailored completely to individual needs. £70 pp; 60 minutes

Ishga skincare at Seaham Hall

In partnership with the organic seaweed skincare range, ishga, Seaham Hall is only the second spa in the UK to launch ishga in good hands, combining the natural healing properties of seaweed with an advanced ancient ‘touch’ technique for those affected by cancer, anxiety, depression, phobias, exhaustion and stress.

Hebridean seaweed extract is the keystone of ishga. It is one of the world’s most naturally abundant sources of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. ishga in good hands treatments are tailored to each individual client, with a detailed consultation beforehand. A treatment plan is then created, including two 30-minute therapies: Shoulder & Neck massage; Mini Facial; Comforting Foot and Leg massage; Soothing Scalp Massage; Face & Shoulder Massage; Hand Treatment; Foot Treatment and/or Algae Gel Wrap.
A treatment plan costs from £85 pp; 60 minutes

Experienced instructor Zoe James, from Blooming Bamboo, specialises in yoga, meditation and mindfulness, and provides sessions at Seaham Hall that are designed to give guests specific yoga and meditation tools that can be used at any time to help with their own mental health or to share with others.

The classes offer an opportunity to experience how yoga and meditation bring the mind, hormones and entire being into a state of calm and peacefulness through a gentle flow and the power of meditation.

Yoga classes are available for all members and those on spa packages. See this timetable for full details and times.

Seaham Hall – Where and how?

To find out more about Seaham Hall’s holistic or its other alternative therapies, visit

Winter stay at Seaham Hall: ‘Crisp Days, Cool Nights’ break costs from £189 (two sharing), including one night in a junior suite, use of the Serenity Spa and a delicious breakfast. Valid on stays until 19 Dec, Sun to Fri only.

*For more stats from Mind, see this link.

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