Sedilia Gives an Insight into the New Trend for Elegantly Curved Furniture

Sedilia Gives an Insight into the New Trend for Elegantly Curved Furniture

Although the title contains the words New Trend, the appetite and affection for curved furniture have never disappeared. Angular fads have come along from time to time, but it’s never dented homeowners love of curves. In this feature, we look at Sedilia, one of the shining lights in the furniture market and how they are discovering ways to make curved furniture even more beautiful.

When it comes to furniture, if we’re honest, most people reading this would rather relax and unwind in furniture with curves. There’s a time and a place for square-edged angular furniture, but it’s not at the end of the day and when you’re craving some comfort.

One furniture design company known for creating luxurious upholstered furniture with striking sculptural forms is Sedilia. A London-based team of designers/makers at the forefront of British curved furniture design.

In recent years, things seem to be becoming more sculptural, with more rounded shapes appearing in many fields from architecture to everyday objects, cars and technology. Perhaps it’s the world’s appetite to be closer to nature? After all, it’s far more difficult to find straight lines in nature.

An ideal medium for curves is upholstered furniture due to its amazing adaptability. Sedilia’s interest in creating more sculpturally interesting and rounded furniture forms began around a decade ago when a number of their clients requested curvaceous pieces for their interiors,

The curved armchair from the Sennen collection

Sedilia was more than up to the challenge and started to develop ways to create more fluid shapes within its workshop. Their team of expert designer-makers researched, innovated and embraced new technology, techniques and materials to complement their traditional skillsets. This fusion of both modern and classic upholstery skills defines their work.

Sedilia Sennen collection curved sofa and foot stool

Iconically curvaceous, Sedilia’s own Sennen collection embraces pared-back sculptural forms and gently arcing silhouettes, combining softness and structure to deliver comfort without compromise. The flowing, organic shapes have become sought after additions to many contemporary and timeless interiors.

In addition, Sedilia undertakes bespoke commissions for an esteemed list of design heavyweights, including Alexander McQueen, Studio Ashby and Suzy Hoodless, collaborating with the interior designers and design studios to conceive and create designs that are tailored to meet each clients needs.

Robert Stephenson, the founder of Sedilia, said, “For me personally, this development is a dream. I originally moved from cabinet making to upholstery because I instinctively preferred the more sculptural aspect and potential of upholstery. Thirty-five years later, it seems there are no bounds to how far I can push that envelope, both in our bespoke work and with our Sedilia Collection.”

Sedilia is a company that takes comfort very seriously, and every piece that it makes is built without compromise. Uniquely, Sedilia designs and manufactures its furniture under one roof at its workshop in Clapham. Every step of the creative process – from the designing and frame making to the pattern cutting and the upholstery – happens on site.

This unique approach sets them apart from others and ensures a seamless design journey and unrivalled quality. It means Sedilia is able to push the boundaries of time-tested techniques every day thanks to the knowledge, imagination and expertise of its trusted team of cabinet makers and upholsterers.

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Sedilia Gives an Insight into the New Trend for Elegantly Curved Furniture 2


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