Selberan introduces its latest Diamond Collection in time for Christmas

Selberan introduces its latest Diamond Collection in time for Christmas

Selberan introduces its annual solitaire collection: Hana & Lani – bold and sophisticated additions to the brand’s gallery of fine jewellery.

The Hana series has stylised curves that result in an elegant shape, placing The Selberan Diamond front and centre. The undulating curves of this design resemble fluid waves that culminate in a floral like pattern, giving the pieces an organic and feminine aesthetic. The Hana motif is easily translated into rings, pendants, bangles and necklaces, exhibiting a distinct slant on each different form of jewellery.

Lani provides the counterpoint to Hana’s softer virtues. With striking blades that surround the solitaire diamond, the Lani pieces resemble a radiant sun with rays of light that beam asymmetrically. The visual is a remarkable one; illustrating the craftsmanship required to form the blades to juxtapose against the beauty of The Selberan Diamond’s round symmetry. Easily lending its form to rings, pendants and earrings, the Lani series make for edgy statement pieces that etch a lasting impression.

The Hana and Lani collection symbolises the convergence of differing styles; hard and soft, round and pointed. A fine balance resonates throughout the pieces, in terms of design and the collection’s conception.

Selberan is a pioneer in using ideal-cut diamonds in their jewellery. Selecting only the best diamonds for their jewellery, Selberan appraises each and every stone for its polish, symmetry and overall condition. Out of all the diamonds they view, only 30% or less will make the grade as the proportions and angles of a diamond’s cut will determine the way it reflects light and therefore its brilliance.

Selberan introduces its latest Diamond Collection in time for Christmas

Selberan’s ideal-cut diamonds projects optimal brilliance (ability of a stone to redirect light to the eyes of the observer), scintillation (flashes of white or coloured light produced when the stone or observer moves) and fire (the rainbow-like colours as seen by observer when white light exists the diamond surface) hence reflecting the maximum amount of light out of each diamond, giving it that fiery sparkle to the eye of an observer. The Hana and Lani collection in 18k white gold is available at all Selberan boutiques.

About Selberan
Selberan, a member of the Royal Selangor group of companies, is Malaysia’s premier jeweller, offering a wide range of stylish, chic and distinctive jewellery. As one of the most trusted names for jewellery, Selberan sets itself apart by its commitment to their own set of 4Cs: craftsmanship, creativity, credibility and confidence.

Selberan’s unique jewellery is available at its boutiques in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Suria KLCC, The Gardens Mid Valley City, Empire Shopping Gallery as well as at the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre.

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