Serengeti Eyewear’s Stylish New Oatman and Rolla Eco-Nylon Frames

Serengeti Eyewear Introduces the Oatman and Rolla Eco-Nylon Frames

American Eyewear brand Serengeti has launched two models using a sustainable Eco-Nylon material for their frames. The Oatman and Rolla designs both feature the lightweight Saturn lens available in four hues. Jeremy takes a look at this brand addressing its production processes.

Serengeti is a brand born in the U.S.A and worn globally, experienced, and initiative; their products look good. They combine the most advanced eyewear technologies inherited from more than 140 years of R&D, the most refined sense of aesthetics, design and creativity with Americana culture.

Serengeti has an endless thirst for adventure and a passion for pleasing aesthetics. The brand recognises these values in individuals who choose to wear their sunglasses. These are individuals who seek to express themselves creatively.

2021 Serengeti Sport collection introduces the SATURN lens, which is incredibly light. Taking its name from the planet, one of the lightest in the Solar system, they are twice as light as traditional mineral lenses. Highly impact-resistant, they are perfect for outdoor activities, offering comfort while protecting your eyes from damaging UV light, so you are free to express yourself.

Saturn lenses feature the most advanced lens technologies: Photochromic, Spectral Control® as well as the ultimate anti-scratch and anti-reflective treatments. Offered in four different lens hues, a range of models is also available with a polarised SATURN lens.

Serengeti recognised the impact production has on the environment, and being an ethical company, they wanted to address their manufacturing processes. The brand understands Climate change is one of the most critical issues facing humanity, and it is more important than ever to ensure they take steps to minimise their ecological impact. Serengeti has developed new technologies to address their carbon footprint, inventing a new material for their frames, Eco-Nylon.

A man wearing a pair of the sunglasses sat on the bonnet of a sports car

What is Eco-Nylon?
Grilamid BTR XE 4010, the polymer’s scientific name, is a sustainable substitute for TR90. It is extracted from the Castor Oil Plant but offers the same characteristics as TR90 Nylon (durable, flexible, lightweight, can bend, less likely to break) without petrol. The Castor Oil plant is today mainly cultivated in India. During their growth phase, these plants are capable of binding large amounts of CO2.

The castor oil seeds contain a large share of oil which can be modified to create primary raw materials for various bio-polyamides. With the partially bio-based material Grilamid BTR, an amorphous transparent bio-polyamide, the reduction of CO2 emissions compared to transparent polymers, such as PMMA or PC, is more than 40%.

A young man wearing the Oatman frame behind the wheel of a classic sports car

The Oatman Frame
The boldly styled Oatman adapts the famous aviator with a flat top to create a utility aesthetic design with spring hinges for ultimate comfort. Oatman features Serengeti’s new SATURN lens with a premium eco-nylon frame, the most advanced organic sports lens ever imagined.

A closeup view of the Oatman frame with the Saturn lens

Incorporating the most advanced lens technologies: Photochromic and Spectral Control with a Polarised option and ultimate anti-scratch and anti-reflective treatments, SATURN lenses are two times lighter than mineral lenses make them the perfect lens for outdoor activities. Serengeti’s Oatman frame is available in five colours with SATURN lenses and two colours in prescription with PhD 2.0 lenses.

Serengeti Rolla eco-nylon sunglasses frame

The Rolla Frame
Rolla’s chunky rectangular shape with an angular profile and wide temples create a cat-eye style inspired by a sporty lifestyle. Constructed of highly qualitative eco-nylon incorporating spring hinges for maximum comfort, the Rolla is combined with our innovative SATURN lens, including Photochromic and Spectral Control technologies with a Polarised option.

Serengeti Eyewear Rolla frame with Saturn Lens

Its bevelled lens plays with the volume and gives a solid feminine style with a distinguished character. Serengeti’s Rolla frame is available in five colours with SATURN lenses and two colours in prescription with PhD 2.0 lenses.

I love sunglasses, and after casting an eye over the Rolla and Oatman range from Serengeti, I will pass some hints to people for Christmas presents. They have a great style, and I think the Eco Nylon technology is ingenious. The price point is also good for the quality of the frames and superb quality lenses.

Serengeti Eyewear – Where and How?

Oatman frames from £135.
Rolla frames from £140.

The process to create Eco-Nylon

  1. The Castor Oil plant grows, ingesting CO2 from the atmosphere whilst releasing O2
  2. Seeds from the case plant are harvested and processed into castor oil
  3. Castor oil is used to produce a natural raw material known as ‘bio-based resin.’
  4. A standard injection process is used with this bio raw material
  5. Results in bio-sourced, petrol-free frames with a lower ecological impact

An image showing the eco-packaging used by the brand

Serengeti uses plant-based fibres instead of fossil fuel to create packaging that has a more negligible impact on the environment. The Vegan leather cases are 100% certified FSC, and all new carton packaging in Serengeti Sport is made of 40% recycled kraft cardboard and is 100% recyclable. All Serengeti Sport’s lens cloths and pouches are 100% made of recycled PET, which is 100% recyclable.

They worked on an optimised packaging process to avoid the use of plastic bags. The new approach enables them to prevent the use of 33,000 plastic components, which means a total of only 33kg of plastic will be used for the SS21 collection. Any remaining plastic elements are now fully recyclable Bio-Plastics.

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