The Sinnis Hoodlum 125cc Creates Some Noise in the Learner Market

The Sinnis Hoodlum 125cc Creates Some Noise in the Learner Market

People are flocking to motorcycles since Covid-19 took hold in March 2020. Thousands have looked into learning to ride for the first time, or have returned to riding since they were teenagers—great news for the lower CC machines such as the Hoodlum 125 Cruiser from Sinnis.

I have been riding a lot of smaller CC bikes and Mopeds lately as the manufacturers produce new models regularly to meet the growing demand of this affordable form of transport. You can buy a machine and run it for less than a railway season ticket, then commute directly to your workplace or place of study. Of course, you have to take a CBT course if you are new to riding, this is straight forward. Then with insurance and Tax paid, you are legally allowed to ride on the road.

I haven’t ridden under L plates for many years; I won’t say how many but the Human League were number 1 in the charts. So when the Sinnis Hoodlum 125 arrived adorned with L plates memories of my first outings riding motorcycles on the road flooded back. Most lads at college had Yamaha FS1-Es, I was fortunate my Uncle loved bikes and got me a Yamaha DT100. Climbing on the Sinnis Hoodlum was so similar to mounting my old DT, I quickly felt at home and happy.

Side view of the Sinnis Hoodlum 125cc

Styled as a Sat-back Cruiser, the Sinnis Hoodlum does look good and belies its 125 capacity as it looks more muscular. There are three colour options for the new buyer, matte black, graphite or silver. It offers a comfortable riding position with a good ride from the twin coil rear suspension, along with well-placed footplates, handlebars and a superb seat.

Pulling away from my house, I immediately noticed power is lacking, but then again, I am used to bikes with far more horsepower. I opened the throttle and smoothly moved forward, which I reflected is ideal for learners. You don’t want a sudden thrust of power to the rear wheel meaning the rider can’t control the bike. I had to learn to ride this type of machine again, which is a good learning experience for me.

Front view of the Hoodlum with its Learner plate

I adapted to the bike, so I planned my gear changes, braking or increase of power to the ability of the Hoodlum. It became a fun bike to ride, and I started using it for just nipping to the shops or seeing friends locally. This is what smaller CC bikes are superb at, get your safety kit on and ride to work, shops, college or to visit friends.

One annoying feature for me was the noisy exhaust which gets attention for the wrong reason. On longer rides, it became droning in my ears even though I wear earplugs. My comment further along in the piece will address my statement on the exhaust. I like the indicators which are on flexible pegs, handy for learners who may clip things. They bend rather than snap which is always beneficial and cheaper.

I was initially looking at the Sinnis Hoodlum as any other bike I review, but then I realised I could not do that. It would be unfair to compare it to a Triumph Thruxton or BMW S 1000RR. I had to take myself back to being 17 and learning to ride a 125cc bike on the road. Thinking as a teenager comes easy to me anyway, so looking at the Hoodlum with fresh eyes, I can say it would be a model I would want as a 17-year-old starting out motorcycling.

Young man admiring the Sinnis Hoodlum 125cc

It is a proper Cruiser bike, the sound, although I noted annoyed me, would be great for teenagers. Power is sufficient and should not get a rider into significant difficulty. The Hoodlum has a good centre of gravity, so handling is a breeze. Sinnis are producing great 125cc models as like other manufactures this is the target market. Teenagers can’t afford a car and the running costs but want their independence to travel. Motorcycling offers this plus lots of fun and adrenaline, and both will be experienced from buying a Hoodlum at a great entry price of £2200. The Hoodlum is easier to handle than the name suggests so take a ride on one.

Sinnis Hoodlum 125 Information

Specifications and options:

  • Price: £2199 OTR
  • Max Power: 8.3Kw / 11.2bhp
  • Engine: ZS 125
  • Engine Type: Single Cylinder
  • Engine Stroke: 4 stroke
  • Engine Cooling: Air Cooled
  • Displacement: 125cc
  • Gear Type: 1 Down 4 up – 5 Speed
  • Drive Type: Chain
  • Start Type: Electric
  • Fuel Delivery: Delphi
  • Engine Management, EFI System
  • Colour options: Graphite / Silver / Black.

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The Sinnis Hoodlum 125cc Creates Some Noise in the Learner Market 2


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