What is a Smile Makeover? A Leading Cosmetic Dentist Explains

What is a Smile Makeover? A Leading Cosmetic Dentist Explains

Most people would like a smile to match their on-screen idols. This is now possible thanks to a bespoke dental treatment known as “The Smile Makeover”, and the best bit? It’s not as expensive as some of you might think.

When you think of perfect smiles, most people immediately think of celebrities. However, many of the well-known faces didn’t start with a perfect-looking set of teeth and have had to undergo extensive work to look as good as they do.

Given half a chance, most will jump at the opportunity to swap their current smile for a perfect one; however, the perceived cost is holding people back from investigating further. Thanks to technological advancements and dental specialists such as Waldron, getting a perfect smile has become far more straightforward and costs less than most would think.

In this guide, Sundeep Patel, a leading London-based Cosmetic Dentist and the lead at Waldron, explains the whole process.

Treatments being performed at the Waldron Dental Clinic

What is a smile makeover?
A smile makeover describes the process of altering the style and appearance of a patient’s teeth. It usually consists of several dental treatments, with the end goal being a perfect, bright smile for the patient. When completed, the results can be truly life-changing.

Who should have it?
Anyone lacking confidence in their smile qualifies. There is no age restriction, and the treatment is suitable for all.

How does a smile makeover work?
Smile makeovers use the latest technology to take a look at a patient’s smile; following this; an assessment is done to determine the types of treatments they need to achieve the smile they desire. How it works at Waldron Dental is that a patient interested in this treatment will visit the practice and discuss with Sundeep Patel or one of the cosmetic dentists what they would like to change about their smile and their expectations.

Photographs of a patients teeth being examined on a computer

The dentist then takes photographs and x-rays, which will be scanned into the computer system. They will then discuss the options available, which will provide the patient with the results they would like to see. Once the treatments are agreed upon, a plan is created, and in some cases, the treatment can start immediately.

A mother and daughter sharing a smile

What are the benefits of a smile makeover?
The eyes and smile are the first things you notice about a person, so being confident in your smile and having brighter and whiter teeth will boost your self-confidence and improve teeth function and appearance.

Another benefit is seeing how your new smile will look before you start treatment. You’ll be able to choose the best treatment for your needs; the result will be a healthy, beautiful smile that you want to show off.

What can I expect from the results?
The more guidance you can give the dentist, the better; this way, they can understand what you want to achieve. At Waldron, they use their expertise to advise what will work for your teeth. They will look at the face and any irregularities and imperfections and match your teeth accordingly, and their dental experts will be guiding you through each process.

A look inside one of the Waldron treatment rooms

Where can I get a smile makeover?
Several cosmetic dental clinics will offer the Smile Makeover treatment. You should find somewhere with a reputation for providing this treatment and ensure the dental professional is accredited and experienced in this field. At Waldron dental (treatment room above), they have implant, orthodontic, and veneer experts. Anyone considering a smile makeover should look for a dental clinic with a team of specialised experts instead of a “do it all” dentist. Do extensive research and ensure you go with a reputable clinic and dentist.

How much does it cost?
The price will vary from clinic to clinic and depends on the patient’s needs. At Waldron dental, they try to keep their costs transparent; however, it can be tricky to offer one set cost as people will need different things. The average price is around £4,400, which includes straightening your teeth, whitening your teeth and perfecting the shape of the teeth using composite bonding.

For more information on smile makeovers and to get in touch with the Waldron Dental Team and Sundeep Patel, visit waldrondentalclinic.co.uk or www.smilesbysunnyd.co.uk.

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