The South-West London Property Market Shows Signs of Recovery

South-West London Property Market Shows Signs of Recovery

The UK Property Market is once more open for business, albeit with some additional rules and guidelines. Parts of the country are beginning to see a return to normality, and it seems that South-West London is one of those according to agents Finlay Brewer.

It would be an understatement to say the UK property market has experienced difficult times recently. Over the recent months, in many people’s eyes, it has been on complete hold, but this isn’t wholly true. During the restrictions, South-west London property agents Finlay Brewer remained active, finalising seven exchanges at a total of £7.4 million.

Although the UK property market has slowed, it has kept moving. Property doom-mongers, of which there is a plethora in the UK might once more find very little comfort, particularly when we look at similar overseas markets. Other metropolitan European cities, such as Paris and Berlin, have reopened and have seen hardly any fluctuation in square metre prices. This news does bode well for property prices in the UK.

There have also been several reports from agents on the usefulness of virtual viewings, and this might see a new service fully adopted by the industry as we move forward.

Paul Cosgrove, Director at Finlay Brewer, said, “We have looked to maintain activity in the market where possible by aiding our buyers to understand and follow the government guidelines and continuing to help our customers progress deals for those eager to move when restrictions begin to ease.

South-West London Property

“As a result, we have seen some measure of success, exchanging and completing on a varied range of properties. Interestingly the properties have been spread across a wide budget from the London average up to an exceptional detached property. This is a positive indicator that a wide range of different buyers of all ages and budgets are still prepared to move ahead if the deal is right and everything can be conducted safely.

South-West London Property

“Following the government announcement this week, large swathes of the property market can begin to reopen and tackle the “new” normal. With estate agents, conveyancers, removers and surveyors able to return to work we hope to see the market regain some of the earlier momentum following the Brexit bounce.”

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The South-West London Property Market Shows Signs of Recovery 2


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