A Guide to Staying Active When on a Cruising Holiday

Top Three Ways to Stay Active When on a Cruising Holiday

Holidaying on the water is all about sedate travel and pure relaxation. But, one thing we should all be doing during an on-water holiday is finding ways to keep active.

With New Year’s resolutions being written, Brits begin the hard work in the lead up to summer to get fit, so why let it all go when the holidays start?

Let’s be honest, we should all be treating ourselves when we’re away on holiday. Getting stuck into local delicacies, lounging under the sun and imbibing a drink or two. But, if you could do all that and remain active as well, you’d be treating your body to the best of both worlds.

Emerald waterways Activity Managers

A great yardstick for cruises is Emerald Waterways’ who have Activity Managers onboard every one of their European river cruises. They also offer a programme of excursions which encourages guests to stretch their legs, find their centre and keep active, whether onboard or onshore.

Below are some tips on how to work fitness and wellness into your cruising holiday.

A Guide to Staying Active When on a Cruising Holiday 3

Join classes on holiday
Get involved and buddy up with new-found friends onboard during an active class. Guests can look forward to classes onboard such as yoga and Pilate’s sessions, aqua aerobics in the heated pool or ‘walk-a-mile’ on the Sun Deck.

For those who have their own routine, each of the Emerald Waterways’ Star-Ships has an onboard Fitness Area, well-equipped with high-quality equipment and gym apparatus.

Walk and cycle to see new destinations in a different light
Rather than jump in taxis or take a bus tour why not meander around a new city on foot. Not only will your step count surge, but you might also discover some hidden gems along the way. As part of our EmeraldACTIVE programme, guided walks of beautiful towns are on offer, guests may also make use of the complimentary onboard bicycles* for the guided cycle tours such as a 23-mile bike tour through rolling vineyards age-old castle along the Danube.

Exploring the Douro by canoe with Emerald Waterways

Excursions with activity
When selecting an itinerary, look through the highlights to see what included activities and excursions are available. Some of these active experiences include exploring the Douro by canoe with an expert guide teaching guests the ropes and leading the way. Another onshore experience to stay active is the guided hikes to iconic landmarks and places of interest such as the Bratislava Castle, Buda Hill, the Black Forest trails, through vineyards in Tournon, and through Porto city centre.

A Guide to Staying Active When on a Cruising Holiday 4

Cruise ideas for 2020
A perfect river cruise for those who want to stay active this year is now on offer with The Ultimate River Cruise Sale for a limited time only, with generous savings up to £1,200 per person. The eight-day Danube Explorer itinerary on the Emerald Star Star-Ship travels from Passau to Budapest and includes six EmeraldACTIVE excursions including walking tours, bike tours and hikes along the way, priced from £1,395 per person (based on 26 July 2020 departure).

About Emerald Waterways
Emerald Waterways was recently acknowledged as the ‘Best River Cruise Line for Value’ in the Cruise Critic Editors Picks awards for the fifth consecutive year. All prices include applicable discounts, return flights, transfers, the cruises as stated above, all tipping and gratuities, all onboard meals and selected drinks** and excursions and experiences.

For more information or to book please visit www.emeraldwaterways.co.uk or call 0808 301 3352.

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