10 Top Tips for Staying Healthy Whilst Travelling Abroad

10 Top Tips for Staying Healthy Whilst Travelling Abroad this Easter

Are you planning to head abroad? With travel restrictions easing, many of us can finally jet off on that long-awaited holiday. However, it is still super important to remain vigilant and keep yourself and your family safe and healthy whilst away.

There is nothing worse than coming down with a bug when you’re on holiday. To help ensure you have the best possible vacation, we asked some health experts for their top tips for staying healthy whilst travelling abroad.

1. Wear your face mask
It might not be compulsory to wear a mask anymore on public transport, but airlines are still advising that passengers wear masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19 variants.

Dr Naomi Newman-BeinartPsychologist and Leading Nutritionist Dr Naomi Newman-Beinart says, “Unlike disposable or fanfic masks, The Silver Life Face Covering knits together silver-based threads for an environmentally-friendly face mask which also meets the World Health Organisation’s recommendations.

Silver has antibacterial properties, making it a natural partner for the recycled materials which make up this design, which has a small mesh size, giving it greater filter abilities. Good for up to 100 washes, this one will last and keep you safe – and is much better for the environment.”

2. Maintain a healthy diet
It’s important that when you’re away, you eat a varied diet with plenty of fruit and veg; of course, going on holiday is about indulging yourself but be sure also to try and get some local fruit and veg to help support your immune system. Dr Naomi says, “FOGA Plantshakes are instant ‘just add liquid’ smoothies which are made from freeze-dried fruits and vegetables. They also include a comprehensive food-state multivitamin and mineral, the perfect holiday companion if you struggle to get your five a day whilst abroad.”

3. Avoid too much sunlight
Of course, the best bit about jetting off to a hot destination is soaking in the sunshine, and after a long winter, your body could definitely use a bit of Vitamin D. However, having too much sun too quickly may leave you to feel faint, weak and sick, says Dr Naomi. “You may also put yourself at risk of developing sunstroke, which can last for days and could ruin your trip. I would advise easing in if you haven’t been in foreign sunlight for a while and taking it easy during the first few days. Also, try to avoid the sun from 12-3 if you can as this is when it will be hottest.”

A young woman drinking a glass of water

4. Drink plenty of water
Dr Naomi says, “Staying hydrated whilst travelling is imperative, as you can become dehydrated on a long flight, so it’s important to ensure you are drinking as much as you can. It can be difficult when travelling, but I would advise keeping a refillable bottle on you so that any time you find a fill-up station, you can use it. If you are finding it hard to stay hydrated, you may want to try rehydration sachets that can be added to water and will help replenish your salts.”

5. Stock up on multivitamins
Whether you are drinking in the sun or travelling on early flights, boosting your body with vitamins can prevent you from getting run down and help you feel perkier and give you much more energy. Dr Naomi says. “Try a multivitamin such as evity, which covers all bases and includes essential nutrients that other multivitamins miss out on like boron, vitamin K2 and selenium, plus herbs, amino acids, phytosterols and mushrooms. You may never have heard of ‘leisure sickness’, but odds are you know someone, or even are someone, who seems to suffer from it.

Leisure sickness describes a condition where people who have been working become ill at the weekend or while on holiday, so as soon as they stop and relax, they get fatigued, have muscle pains and, sometimes, even colds and flu. Boost your immunity by taking an immunity supplement for a few weeks before you go, such as Bee Prepared Daily Defence. It contains ingredients such as Olive Leaf extract, elderberry and acerola cherry and bee propolis which can all help to stop viruses.”

A woman sleeping on a reclined chair on a plane

6. Avoid jet lag
If you’re heading on a long haul flight, you may fall victim to the dreaded Jet Lag whilst away. Whilst it usually subsides after a few days, jet lag can often make you feel run down and sometimes unwell, so it is best to try and avoid symptoms if you can. Alongside drinking plenty of water, eating well and sleeping when you can, you may also want to try jet lag medication such as Circadin.

“Circadin is a brand of synthetic melatonin, which belongs to a natural group of hormones produced by the body. Circadin is used on its own for the short-term treatment of primary insomnia, which can help ease any jet lag you may be experiencing.” Says Parvinder Sagoo, Lead Pharmacist of Simply Meds Online.

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Carlos Cobiella7. Stretch regularly and watch your spine
Carlos Cobiella, a highly-skilled London-based Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon with a special interest in upper limb and sports injuries, says: “Neck pain, shoulder pain, and even back pain are made worse by long hours in the car, or on a flight, due to sitting in the same position for a prolonged period. Keeping your muscles in a shortened or lengthened position for too long will cause them to tighten up and become sore.

If you are on a long flight, it’s important to take breaks and get up to stretch to get the blood flowing to your muscles again. Ensure that you get up a few times on your flight and disrupt the pattern of sitting for too long. When sitting, make sure your back is aligned against the seat, and your head is on the headrest to keep your spine in alignment, keep your shoulders neutral and avoid slouching or hunching forward.”

8. Get plenty of sleep
Sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your overall health and wellbeing, and without it, we struggle to function and may start to feel quite unwell. Dr Naomi says, “If you are heading on a long-haul trip, you should try and get as much sleep as you can on the flight to help your body catch up so you can avoid feeling lethargic once you touch down. You should carry an eye mask and earplugs in your travel hand luggage as these will help you to sleep whilst in transit. You may also want to include some CBD oil to take on your flight, a tiny bit of I cann’s relaxing CBD oil under the tongue may help you to relax and drift off.”

A male doctor holding a syringe in his hands

9. Do your travel vaccination and medication research
You may find that in certain places, you need medication or vaccinations to avoid becoming seriously ill, such as Malaria tablets. Abbas Kanani, Lead Pharmacist or Chemist Click, says, “Malaria is a serious and sometimes life-threatening blood disease caused by infected mosquitoes. It can cause flu-like symptoms, and if you do not treat it promptly, it can reproduce inside your bloodstream and eventually kill you, so it’s essential to know where you are going and take any preventative treatment with you.”

10. Look after yourself once you get home
Drinking and eating a lot on holiday can leave you feeling sluggish and bloated, and it’s often harder to fit into your non-holiday clothes when you return home. Dr Naomi says, “For post-holiday detox and drainage, try Mico Polypor mushroom capsules by Mushroom bioscience experts, Hifas Da Terra. This unique mushroom can help with fluid retention as the unique compounds in Polyporus make it an excellent natural diuretic. It also stimulates circulation, making it the go-to mushroom for lymphatic drainage.”

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