Stella Gittins Explains How to Incorporate Art into Luxury Interiors

Stella Gittins Explains How to Incorporate Art into Luxury Interiors

Stella Gittins (above) is the Co-Founder at Bazaar, which is part of the British Interior Design Collective, the Accouter Group of Companies. In this feature, she explains why art should not be an afterthought and ways to incorporate art into luxury interiors in a cohesive way.

Statement art is one of the most effective ways to enhance the look and feel of a room. It can define the tone and elevate the impression of the overall interior. In short, it can be the greatest asset in curating a luxury interior concept.

The interior of a luxury townhouse in London W1 with a perfect choice of art on the wall

Yet, all too often, artwork is left as an afterthought when styling a room and only considered as an addition to the design once the colour scheme has been set and the furniture planned out.

Whilst the layout and functionality of a space is very important, it is a home’s finer details that elevate its interiors concept. Artwork should therefore be the focal point of any room design.

Choosing the right artwork can feel daunting to the unfamiliar eye, so many will be asking how they can incorporate art into luxury interiors to create a cohesive design.

Individuality & ethos
Design couldn’t be a more subjective topic – and neither is art. Over the past few decades, the interior design process has evolved at pace to reflect individuals’ personalities whilst harmonising function with a considered design concept. As part of this, art has come into its own as a vehicle to express individuality and personal ethos.

When incorporating and centring a luxury design concept around a piece of art, it is not just about contemporary works or masterpieces worthy of a gallery wall. Select pieces that speak to you personally and evoke a sense of joy and intrigue.

Follow your heart with a wider design concept that also suits your daily needs and aligns with your natural style and palette.

The interior of one of the Hexagon Apartments

Embrace the journey
Curating a luxury interior is just as much based on the journey created as the specific items. Try to enjoy the process of collecting artworks for your space rather than seeing it as a laborious chore that needs to be done for appearance’s sake.

By immersing yourself in this experience and centring your interior scheme around the art, you’ll be able to create a cohesive look that continually evolves and combines colours, shapes and textures effectively.

Key considerations for success
Whether your interior is minimalist, bohemian, traditional or eclectic, there are plenty of ways to incorporate art into your design and create a narrative through the space.

When selected well, art can transform a room and inject character into a space by adding another dimension and evoking a visual experience. In order to hone the often highly sought-after harmony between aesthetic and practical features, take the artwork as inspiration for the broader palettes and tones in the room and extend the experience beyond the piece itself.

Another view of the interior of the W1 townhouse, this time the main hall on the first floor

Moreover, take time to consider the ideal space for your works as part of the design process. Strategically placing pieces of art throughout the space can create a unique journey that adds to the design narrative and installs a subtle sense of direction and flow to the interior scheme.

Consider mixing up your media to amplify the design style. One common misconception is that your artwork needs to match seamlessly with your interiors. Don’t be afraid to create contrasts within the space. Whether that is mixing old with new or rough with smooth, introducing a juxtaposition can be more aesthetically striking. Try mixing prints, original paint works, antique treasures and sculptures.

If the design is curated well, each of these pieces can add to the interior scheme without looking out of place.

The beautiful living room interior in the W1 luxury townhouseTo this end, look for imaginative ways to incorporate art into a space. Luxury furniture pieces such as a sculptural coffee table, for instance, or intricately designed headboard, can be a great way to add depth and texture into a room.

Art doesn’t just have to hang on walls and exist in a solely decorative capacity. It can be practical and unassuming as well. Alternatively, sculptures can be used to add artistic decoration without requiring a large surface or finite wall space.

Finally, don’t be afraid of white spaces. When incorporating art into luxury interiors, it is important that the works have a space to come into their own as well.

Bombarding the eye with too many pieces at once can often be the fault behind failing to achieve a cohesive design concept.

Ultimately, if the art and design concept fail to align, then the interior space will always be one fraught with tension. The crux is to ensure that the two work in synergy and are not treated as two separate entities.

Although typically considered a small addition to a luxury interior, art can have a considerable impact on the atmosphere of the space. Shaping a design concept around a piece of art provides a project with a clear direction and grounding, and as more recognise this relationship, we will see art collections continue to shape the world of luxury interiors.

An excellent example of how a piece of art can transform the look and feel of a room

This article was written by Stella Gittins, the Co-Founder at Bazaar. Bazaar is one of the leading brands under the Accouter Group of Companies – a British Interior Design Collective.

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Stella Gittins Explains How to Incorporate Art into Luxury Interiors 2


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