How to Fight those Dreaded Sugar Cravings the Healthy Way

How to Keep Your Sweet Tooth Happy the Healthy Way

There is a reason sugar has been called the white devil – from weight gain, fatigue, tooth decay, premature ageing to more serious health conditions like diabetes, heart disease and obesity!

Nutritionist Alix Woods
Alix Woods.

Nutritionist Alix Woods explains, “As sugar is so addictive – most of us do have a sweet tooth, which makes avoiding sugary foods nearly impossible.”

Luckily, we’ve rounded up our top tips to help you stay sugar smart.

Swap Sugar For Spice
Spices and herbs have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, and these ancient practices can be applied to modern-day ailments.

Type 2 diabetics know the dangers of sugar and the importance of keeping their levels balanced! If you have type 2 diabetes and are struggling to keep your glucose levels in check, consider CuraLin.

CuraLin (£59.00) is a specially tailored natural formula that promotes healthy and balanced blood sugar levels and insulin production in those who have Type 2 Diabetes.

The nutritional supplement is made from a mixture of ten natural ingredients, which work with the body to help balance the blood sugar profile. Dr Sarah Brewer recommends CuraLin for those who have type 2 diabetes due to the positive effects reported and measured by its users.


Dr Brewer explains, “The blend of 10 Ayurvedic herbs within CuraLin have a range of beneficial effects on glucose control and metabolism. As a result, users report that their glucose control quickly improves and, in some cases, normalises within four weeks.

“Research[i] involving the individual herbs within CuraLin shows their many benefits on metabolism. Bitter melon[ii], for example, contains a chain of amino acids known as polypeptide-p, which is structurally similar to insulin. It can reduce glucose levels, reduce glucose absorption from the diet and reduce the production of glucose in the liver, so that blood glucose levels improve.

Others, such as Turmeric[iii], Fenugreek and Amla fruit improve insulin release from the pancreas or activate insulin receptors to reduce insulin resistance. Gymnema[iv] Sylvestre reduces sensitivity to sweet tastes and suppresses sugar cravings, while Picrorhiza kurroa[v] inhibits an enzyme (alpha-amylase) that breaks down dietary carbohydrates to slow the release of dietary sugars. Together, these synergistic actions produce an effective response to improve blood glucose control and energy levels.”

A Sweet Alternative
Alix adds, “It is obvious sugar has a negative impact on our health. However, there are alternatives available which are healthier and taste just as good. Natvia is a sugar-free sweetener, which is made from naturally sourced non-GMO plant-based ingredients. It has no added sugar, making it calorie and carbohydrate-free, which may help, lower your overall calorie intake and help you lose weight. These dietary benefits make it especially suitable for people on a low calorie or low carbohydrate diet.”

Natvia natural sweetener

Research shows Natvia has no impact on your blood sugar levels, making it a safer sugar replacement choice for people with diabetes and people with blood sugar control issues. Further studies reveal Natvia has no effect on cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which has been found to minimise the risk of heart disease.

Natvia (Available nationwide from Tesco, £5.00) is a great-tasting sweetener made from 100% naturally sourced GMO-free ingredients. It tastes deliciously sweet, with no bitter aftertaste, or nasty chemicals – typical of other artificial sweeteners. If that wasn’t enough, Natvia has zero calories per serving. That’s 100% fewer calories than sugar.

It almost sounds too good to be true. By simply swapping to Natvia, you can have more control over your sugar intake, in a healthy and natural way, whilst still enjoying the sweet taste that we all love.

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How to Fight those Dreaded Sugar Cravings the Healthy Way 2


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