The Summary and our final thoughts on Pangkor Laut Resort

Our visit to Pangkor Laut Resort brought home how well the YTL Hotels group does luxury holidays. Paul and Natasha Godbold at Emerald Bay.

Our visit to Pangkor Laut Resort brought home how well the YTL Hotels group does luxury holidays.

Getting to Pangkor LautThere will always be the odd person that is never satisfied with what we and other leading luxury media publications regard as excellent. Looking on review sites you’ll see 1000 people saying incredible and about 1% saying not as good as expected. Who do you believe? The tiny minority, who did not have a good time, or the many more who did. Let’s put it another way, there is a dark alley and 100 people say, “Don’t go down there, it’s dangerous”, and one person says, “Go, its safe”, we both know which opinion we’d take and what we’d do.

Life dictates that it’s always safer to side with the vast majority, and to this massively large majority of very pleased patrons who have visited Pangkor Laut, you can add Luxurious Magazine. When summarising a luxury vacation destination, you have to look at the whole experience and not just isolated aspects.

For us, it’s location, design and ambiance, accommodation, harmony with the surroundings, service levels and interaction with the staff, quality and presentation of food. All of these areas score very high in regards to Pangkor Laut, this is why we love this island resort so much, we’re in complete agreement with Pavarotti in calling this place Paradise.

How to get to Pangkor Laut.

Getting to the island is quite straightforward, if you are looking to come from outside of Malaysia, fly into Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). From here you can either arrange your own transport to the new YTL office at Pangkor or YTL Hotels can arrange this for you. The journey by car will take approximately 3 to 3.5 hours and is a comfortable motorway drive. Once at the YTL office, you can relax and get refreshed before being transferred to the resort by a modern speed boat.

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The map of Pangkor Laut

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