Superstrata’s 3D Printed Carbon Fibre E-bike Breaks The Mould

Superstrata's 3D Printed Carbon Fibre E-bike Breaks The Mould

Can you imagine printing your own carbon Fibre bicycle on a 3D Printer from a design you have purchased from the manufacturer? The technology is already here, and Superstrata can supply you with the latest in E-bike technology that is breaking the mould.

From California’s Silicon Valley, Superstrata bicycles are creating the state of the art machines, their latest being a Carbon Fibre model built using a 3D printer. Customers send the company their measurements and then receive a bespoke impact-resistant unibody carbon fibre frame.

The standard carbon fibre bicycles available have frames that require bolting and glueing with many separate parts.

This means they are time-consuming to construct, also can be weak where the joins are. Superstrata use a continuous carbon fibre thermoplastic composite to manufacture an ultrastrong one-piece frame. No joints or glue results in rigidity.

Superstrata 3D Printed Carbon Fibre bike frame and wheel

The American company has also developed impact resistant, super light thermoplastic materials.

Advanced 3D-printing processes are used by Superstrata, allowing for bespoke customisation for the customer. Taking accurate measurements from the future rider, Superstrata tailor the frame to meet height, weight, leg and arm lengths.

Bill Stephens, an award-winning bicycle designer and the creative force behind Superstrata stated. “This bike was designed to leverage all the benefits of this new manufacturing technology to get the best of both worlds: strength and lightness.”

Superstrata 3D Printed Carbon Fibre E-bike in black

Superstrata currently offer two versions one being a rider powered Terra bicycle. The other called the Ion uses a battery to power an electric motor in the E-bike. The Ion version can fully charge in a remarkably quick two hours, then take the rider 55 miles. The models have integrated power and data wired through the carbon fibre frame so the rider can easily upgrade the electronics.

Additional customisation can be made from frame colours, wheel material, even riding styles with racing, street, gravel or touring options.

Superstrata 3D Printed Carbon Fibre bike frame joint

Sky Christopherson, a world record holder for the velodrome sprint and two-time former Olympian cyclist, said: “My Olympic race bikes were light but lacked strength sometimes cracking when pushed too hard or crashed. The ability to ride a bike that’s light like other carbon fibre bikes but really tough is a dream come true.”

The Superstrata Terra Bicycle will retail for $2,799 / £2,599 and the Ion E-Bicycle for $3,999 / £3699, and the early bird prices are Terra $1,499 / £1,420 and Ion $1,999 / £1,895.

Both are available for pre-order now. Shipping begins in December 2020.

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Superstrata's 3D Printed Carbon Fibre E-bike Breaks The Mould 2


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