London’s Supperclub Tube will Make Every Get-together Memorable

No Need to Mind the Gap When You Dine at London's Supperclub Tube

With restrictions lifted (for the time being), people across the country are rekindling their love of socialising with friends and family. Earlier this week, we were introduced to a unique location to socialise. It goes by the name of Supperclub Tube and is an ideal place to make any get-together unforgettable.

Having the option to socialise once again will be warmly welcomed by many. Whether it remains on the table is anyone’s guess. So, as is often said in England, “It’s best to make hay while the sun shines”, which means, embrace the chance while you can.

Too many opportunities to celebrate have been missed during the past eighteen or so months. So when the opportunity to do something extra-special comes up, we believe you should do it in a memorable way and London’s Supperclub Tube seems like the perfect place.

A look inside the carriage prior to guests arriving

What is Supperclub Tube?
Supperclub Tube will be a first-of-its-kind experience for many of our readers. It is a refurbished 1967 underground tube carriage where you can sit down and enjoy a wide variety of Latin American foods. The restaurant carriage is based at the Walthamstow Pumphouse Museum in London and is a restaurant unlike any other.

The former Victoria line tube train has been transformed into a restaurant with tables, fine silverware, linens, dimmed lights, and a curated playlist, which produces an intimate atmosphere.

The restaurant’s tube carriage is a 1967 tube stock ‘DM’ unit; the DM stands for driving motor. It was built by Metro-Cammell and first went into service in 1968; it’s also a little different to other carriages of that time. As an experiment, some of the short seats facing each other were shrunk to create additional luggage space.

For many brits, the words “Mind the Gap” will undoubtedly pop into their heads when they arrive. However, there’s nothing to worry about for guests at Supperclub Tube.

People dining at one of the tables inside the carriage

Upon arrival, guests will be greeted with a welcome drink followed by a six-course tasting menu (Prices start from £49 pp). The tasting menu has been designed to showcase the culinary traditions of Latin American countries and uses both modern and ancestral techniques using authentic ingredients and British seasonal produce.

A guest eating one of the courses on the tasting menu

The Head Chef at Supperclub Tube is Beatriz Maldonado Carreño, known as Bea. Bea hails from Bogotá, Colombia and has for over 15 years’ been creating food for restaurants and supper clubs in London and Colombia. Another of the nice touches in place at Supperclub Tube is Bea will talk diners through the origin of each dish and will explain what they mean to the country from which they originate.

One of the well presented dishes from the tasting menu

Current dishes on the tasting menu include:

  • Envuelto y esquites – Sweet corn dumpling, smoky sweet corn salad, queso fresco
  • Ceviche Ecuatoriano – Hake and prawns cured in lime and chilli, tomato, red onion, coriander
  • Asado – Medium-rare rump of beef, roasted corn fed chicken, chimichurri, cassava chips, balsamic glazed plantains
  • Napoleon de lulo y amaretto – Layers of amaretto cream and shortcrust pastry, lulo cream, lulo gel

People raising a glass on London's Supperclub Tube restaurant

This unique dining experience has already welcomed well over 5,000 people since 2018 and should be an ideal place for a group get-together and somewhere to celebrate a special occasion. Unlike other times when you’ve been in a tube carriage, surrounded by grumpy faces and less than fragrant bodies, you’ll have the opportunity to choose to be among people you know and like! The supper club is open three nights a week and can accommodate up to 35 diners at a time.

Supperclub Tube Information

Supperclub Tube is open every week from Thursday through to Saturday; prices for the six-course tasting menu stary from £49.00 pp, and gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options are available upon request.

To book a visit, head to and for more information on Supperclub Tube, please visit

Walthamstow Pumphouse Museum,
South Access Road,
London, E17 8AX.

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London's Supperclub Tube will Make Every Get-together Memorable 2


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