Swiss brand Lanimah presents Nautilus, probably the world’s most luxurious Cat Bed

Swiss brand Lanimah presents Nautilus, probably the world's most luxurious Cat Bed

Lanimah, a luxury Swiss brand created by Roger Trussardi, brings Nautilus to life with a choice of three stunning finishes – Gold, Platinum or sliver.

Nautilus is a completely unique creation which intends to revolutionise the market of high-end luxury products for pets. It is far more than a simple bed for cats: it is a stunning sculptural artwork of high jewellery squarely aimed at the most exclusive target group worldwide.

Born out of a Roger Trussardi’s vision, Lanimah has set out to design the most exclusive luxury products ever made for dogs and cats. The company was founded in 2011 and has its headquarters in the Southern Swiss City of Lugano. The brands goal has always been to discover original and profound ways to honour the love and the universe of emotions which exist between human beings and animals, by creating works which have a unique appeal and distinction.

The shape of Nautilus is inspired by the sea snail shell of the same name, which exemplifies the absolute harmonic perfection in Nature. The development of the first piece, (which is currently on the market), required more than two years of planning and over a thousand hours of handcrafted labour of the highest quality level. The supporting framework of Nautilus is shaped out of carbon fibre and retains its alluring satin finish. This exclusive and modern material, a chemical element essential to life itself, has a black-and greyish look, which counterbalances the brightness of gold ornaments and the luminosity of diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and of any other gemstone of whatever shape and calibre cut customers desire to have encrusted in the work. In Nautilus, the Western liking for the artistic perfection of lines and shapes merges with the Eastern attention to chromatic magnetism and to the purity of extremely precious stones. Numerous items contribute to complete and embellish this sculptural work of high jewellery.

Lanimah, a Roger Trussardi Swiss brand, brings Nautilus to life with a choice of three finishes, Gold, Platinum or sliver.

The pillow, upholstered with some of the most exquisite fabrics in the world, is finely embroidered and stuffed with materials which do not derive from the animal kingdom. The precious stones, which vary according to customer’s tastes, enhance the work as much as the silver, gold or platinum friezes. Furthermore, one of these noble metals can be forged into the artistic pedestal, which supports the whole work like a luminous froth. Finally, the horizontal weave supporting the bed is equally made out of silver, gold or platinum, and encrusted with a selection of gemstones to choose from: this frame is the true heart of Nautilus, a symbol of the priceless value of an intimate, pure and sublime love. Like the shell it is inspired by, the shape of Nautilus reflects the harmonious and perfect proportions known in geometry and philosophy as the Golden Section: everything in Nature is regulated by this law of balance. Accordingly, the very image of the work is a literal sublimation of beauty. It represents the perfection of the relationship between the human being and its favourite pet, by expressing and externalising its pure, harmonious and incorruptible essence. The unique nature of the work thus assumes a symbolic significance, the value of which lies beyond that of the extremely precious materials the work is made of.

Each single piece is personally signed by Roger Trussardi, in order to guarantee distinctiveness and authenticity. In line with the level of exclusiveness of Lanimah’s creations, the price of each personalised piece is confidential.

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