Tamdhu Releases Limited Edition Cigar Malt No. 1 Whisky

Tamdhu Releases Limited Edition Cigar Malt No. 1 Whisky

Simon Wittenberg takes a look at the global release of Tamdhu Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky’s Cigar Malt No. 01 – a special limited edition bottling perfect for the ultimate whisky and cigar connoisseur.

The Tamdhu distillery, situated in the village of Knockando in Banffshire, Scotland, is the only producer of single malt scotch whisky to mature all its whisky using just Oloroso sherry seasoned casks.

Their latest release, the special limited edition Cigar Malt No. 1 (53.8% ABV) priced at £180 per bottle, is un-chill-filtered to deliver a rich texture and strength of flavour. The spirit has also been inspired by the spice, aroma and subtlety of aged tobacco leaves used in only the finest cigars.

Those who are lucky enough to try this exceptional whisky will be treated to a nose of ginger nut biscuits, sweet sherry and caramel Crème brûlée. On the palate, it’s a combination of sultanas and dried raisins, giving way to sticky malt loaf with a creamy vanilla smoothness. The finish is a delicacy of dried apricots and rich honey-coated pecan nuts.

A couple enjoying a bottle of the whisky, which is next to the luxury humidor

As part of the unveiling of Tamdhu’s Cigar Malt No. 1, the Speyside distillery has created two completely bespoke luxury cigar humidors in collaboration with renowned wood maker and silversmiths Anthony Holt & Sons.

One of the bottles in front of a rack of European Sherry Casks

European oak sherry casks have been used to help create it so that the aroma from the wood gently infuses the humidor, thereby complementing the rich, aromatic and spicy flavour of the world’s best cigars. The good news is that one of the humidors will be auctioned off in 2022, with the proceeds going to charity.

Tamdhu’s Distillery Manager Sandy McIntyre said that whilst whisky and cigars had long been enjoyed together, he wanted the whisky to cement that bond with a marriage of flavour and craft befitting of the two worlds.

A glass of Tamdhu whisky being enjoyed with a fine cigar

He added that maturation in first-fill European Oak Oloroso sherry casks provided the perfect accompaniment to the finest cigars. Gil Holt, Director at Anthony Holt & Sons, also explained that combining a European Oak sherry cask with a handmade limited edition humidor was a truly enjoyable venture for the brand.

Tamdhu Cigar Malt No. 01 – Where and How?

Tamdhu Cigar Malt No. 01 is now available to purchase from specialist retailers in the UK, the USA, The Netherlands, Germany, Taiwan and China, and from www.tamdhu.com/our-collection/tamdhu-cigar-malt, at an RRP £180.00.

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Tamdhu Releases Limited Edition Cigar Malt No. 1 Whisky 2


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