Choosing the Perfect Tea to Dunk in on National Biscuit Day

Choosing the Right Tea to Dunk in on National Biscuit Day

We all know there are few things more enjoyable than dunking a biscuit into a freshly brewed cup of tea. To achieve taste perfection, it’s a requisite to have the right biscuit and, just as importantly, the right tea. And, we know some rather special teas which are ideal for the job!

As you would expect with much of the country staying at home, tea consumption is on the rise. This has been confirmed by the number of searches across the UK for afternoon tea deliveries. In the 30 days leading up to May 22nd, the numbers rose by a staggering 650%!

Around the world, we Brits are known as a nation of tea lovers. We consume an incredible 165 million cups each day. Without checking my facts, I’d hazard a guess that we were the nation who invented the fine-art of biscuit dunking!

Tea to Dunk in on National Biscuit Day

Tea is an essential part of what it means to be British. From a relaxing cuppa to intense debates about the colour of the brew, tea forms an essential part of Briton’s conversations and daily routines.

With the Government advising groups of 6 can meet in outside spaces and no signs of any rain, a tea party in the garden would seem to be the perfect way to reunite with family and friends. Garden tea tasting is a fabulous way to discover new exciting flavours of tea while relaxing some of the anxieties brought about by lockdown and getting that all-important Vitamin D boost.

As we alluded to at the start of this article, we want you to broaden your tea perspective in celebration of National Biscuit Day. This year, instead of an ordinary builders tea, why not go for something a bit more exciting, perhaps something like hemp tea?

The friendly people at Hatters have created a hemp-infused tea, and it’s available from Holland & Barrett. The tea is available in four flavours:

  • English Breakfast – best paired with traditional English rich tea or Scottish shortbread. Or, go all out with a chocolate digestive.
  • Chamomile – the delicate flavour of Chamomile is best paired with sweet and fruity flavours, such as a garibaldi biscuit or an oat and raisin cookie.
  • Green – works particularly well with spiced foods. Try a tangy ginger nut for a sweet kick!
  • Lemongrass & Rosehip Boost – Lemongrass is particularly well paired with strong and bold flavours. Try a coconut-based Nice biscuit.

We’ve tried the Hatters tea, and we like it! Admittedly we haven’t ventured into the realms of biscuit dunking yet, this will be saved for later today.

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Choosing the Perfect Tea to Dunk in on National Biscuit Day 2


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