The Italian-Designed Teckell T1 Glass Pool Table is a Work of Art

Teckell T1 Glass Pool Table

When someone asks if you if fancy a game of pool, chipped balls, tatty cloth and pubs spring to mind. But, Teckell has completely obliterated that out-dated vision with its exquisitely-designed T1 Glass Pool Table.

Teckell’s T1 Glass Pool Table is another outstanding product from the Italian design house, and its groundbreaking design and exquisite craftsmanship will make every player not fortunate to own one, green with envy.

The entire table is encased by stunning crystal clear glass panels which rise out of the sturdy oak base sections. Some people will question the use of glass in a pool table as it is delicate and fragile; they’d be mistaken.

Teckell's T1 Glass Pool Table side view with glass panels

In fact, it’s hard-wearing, robust qualities make it more dependable than conventional wooden-bodied tables. Not to mention the choice of glass makes it much less overpowering, without commanding the space, something other wooden models tend to succeed in. Instead, the light refracts beautifully through the 15mm thick crystal panes, subtly reflecting the ambient colours that surround the table.

The plug-and-play system adopts a cloth stretching technique which is flawless and straightforward for a perfectly even playing surface. Additionally, the installation of a polyurethane layer below the cloth acts as a perfect source of soundproofing for players. It also benefits from a precise levelling system utilising 12 screws hidden inside the table’s wooden base.

Teckell T1 Biliardo Collection Pool Table has innovative pockets

Another stroke of genius with the table is its pockets. They comprise of a stylish, high flexible polyurethane layer. This ensures the rubberised net expands and enlarges as the balls drop down into it, returning to their original shape once emptied – ideal for players like myself who have a touch of OCD!

Teckell T1 Biliardo Collection Pool Table has innovative pockets

The Teckell T1 Glass Pool table is available in 9ft and 8ft sizes. It’s probably obvious, but worth mentioning nonetheless, the table is not designed for outdoor use and is best suited for indoor living in an office or games room.

Making the perfect table
There are several personalisation options including 1 of 4 luxury accompaniment for the top frame; Walnut, Hand-Sewn Leather, Chrome or Gold.

If you want to match your existing colour scheme, the worsted wool cloth playing surface is available in 25 colours including Fuchsia, Orange, Red, Royal Blue or Apple Green. Each table comes with the following; Four cues, game triangle, Super Aramith® Pro game balls set and pool cue chalk set, so you are ready to take on your opponent in no time at all.

Prices for the T1 Glass Pool Table cost

How much does the T1 Glass Pool Table cost?
Prices start at £42,972 for 8 Foot (+ £4,297 – 9 Foot). For standard top rails no additional cost, for premium top rails (+ £19,000 – Gold, + £16,500 – Chrome, + £14,000 – Hand Sewn Leather, + £14,000 – Walnut).

The Teckell (T1) Biliardo Collection Pool Table is available to buy online from The Games Room Company.

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The Italian-Designed Teckell T1 Glass Pool Table is a Work of Art 2


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