Ten Handy Gadgets Designed To Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

Ten Handy Gadgets Designed To Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals 2
Varidesk Pro 30

6) Stojo Collapsible Cup- £14.99

Stojo Collapsible Cup

If you often use travel mugs, whether it’s on your way to the office or to accompany a flask on a long walk, why not give this collapsible cup a try! This ingenious compact travel mug collapses so small it can fit in your pocket and be taken out the next time you crave a hot beverage!

Stojo Collapsible Cup

Available in blue, green and red, you can easily take this cup anywhere with you to make sure you stay healthy and hydrated through the day.

7) Siva Atom Bike Mounted Generator – £109.99 from

Siva Atom Bike Mounted Generator

Create electricity while you keep fit, what more could you ask for? This eco-friendly gadget uses your pedal power to charge any USB device, whether it’s your phone or just a power bank for later use.

Ten Handy Gadgets Designed To Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals 3

The lightweight generator easily attaches to your bike rear wheel and safely charges on the go. Get the most of a commute to work or fun filled bike ride and never get caught out with a dead phone or bike light!

8) Varidesk Pro 30 – £295

Varidesk Pro 30

Sitting in the office all day does nothing for your health, but what if you could increase your fitness and easily lose 50 calories an hour by standing? Simply switch your regular office desk for the Pro 30 standing desk and try to stand between 2-4 hours a day. By the end of the week you could lose 1,000 calories as well as improve your circulation, and you haven’t even left the office!

9) FLECTR Bike Wheel Reflectors- £17.99


Maintaining one’s fitness and staying healthy also means keeping safe! With dark evenings and mornings, working your regular bike ride around work means stepping out into the darkness. Add these lightweight, elegant reflectors to your bike and stand out in the dark. Made from the same material used by the emergency services, these state of the art, super thin reflectors are a must have for any bike lover.

10) Citrus Zinger Sport – £16


When you’re on the go you need to keep hydrated, say goodbye to picking up a sugary drink on your way to the gym. The Citrus Zinger Sport infuses water with natural fruit to keep you hydrated in a healthy way. This handy bottle also comes with a straw and easy carry finger hole, your perfect companion at the gym or during a run!

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