Tesla Introduces A New Model S And It’s Only Going To Cost You £500!

Tesla Introduces A New Model S And It's Only Going To Cost You £500

With Christmas coming, Tesla targets the very aspirational with the electric Model S for kids

Hot on the heels of McLaren’s entry level P1 comes the Tesla Model S for kids. Many fans of amazing dream cars hoped the high-end manufacturers would introduce more affordable models and it seems that they’ve opted to do this. Unfortunately for the grown-up among us they’ve headed directly for the very aspirational, i.e those future drivers aged between 4 and 10!

McLarens new car price list now runs from a very realistic £375 up to around £1 million and Tesla’s starts at £500 and tops out at around the £100,000 mark – I know which end of the price range I’ll be looking at!

All jesting aside, with Christmas looming, Autumn is the perfect time for the supercar brands to introduce what can best be described as ‘ultimate gifts’ for kids and you just know that the Tesla Model S for kids is going to be a ‘cracker’. In

In preparation for the Christmas run-up, the cars are now available for pre-order and shipping is scheduled to commence from November.

Tesla Introduces A New Model S And It's Only Going To Cost You £500! 2

The new battery powered ride-on Tesla is a collaboration between Tesla and American toy manufacturer Radio Flyer. It boasts the exhilarating performance of a Tesla (with two-speed modes a – 3mph and 6mph) and features the longest run time and fastest recharge time thanks to its Flight Speed™ Lithium-Ion battery technology. It’s not clear yet whether ‘Ludicrous Mode’ will be available, but, if it is, expect another 2 mph on that top-end and even faster acceleration!

So what does £500 get you in the current Tesla model line-up?

Tesla Model S for kids
The Tesla Model S for kids offers a variety of personalisation options

Shoppers can design their child’s Tesla with features such as long range battery, premium paint finish in authentic model S colours, personalised number plate, working headlights and front trunk (“frunk”) storage compartment. The ultimate ride-on is suited to kids ages 3-8 and is now available online for pre-order at RadioFlyer.com, starting from £500.

“The new Tesla Model S for Kids by Radio Flyer is reinventing the category,” said Robert Pasin, Chief Wagon Officer, Radio Flyer. “With our continued focus on offering families the best possible battery powered ride-on, we’re excited to join forces with Tesla. Radio Flyer has sold more kids’ vehicles than any other company in history. Our partnership with the most innovative, sustainable auto company brings both brands’ innovation and premium solutions to families in a customisable offering with the best kids’ car on the market.”

When compared to leading kid’s battery-powered ride-on cars, the Tesla Model S for Kids features longer run time for added fun, along with quicker charging thanks to the use of a Lithium Ion battery power. Lead-acid batteries, which commonly power other ride-on cars in the industry, demand 14 hours or more of charge time to ensure full power for the next use. This means more fun for kids and less hassle for parents.

Model S for kids

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