The Ariel Rider Electric Bicycle

Ebike manufacturer Bann Industries releases its new brand Ariel Rider

Bann Industries launch the Ariel Rider, a luxury bike that puts some much needed style and panache into the world of electric bicycles.

When we first saw images of the Ariel Rider, we were immediately smitten. It’s one of those products that cleverly combines classic styling and modern technology. It really is a product that looks so good that even the most conservative among you would yearn to ride it and no doubt feel good in doing so. Think Vespa Scooters or a Morgan car and you’ll start to understand the Ariel Rider’s visual appeal.

The Ariel Rider comes from Hong Kong based Bann Industries.  After manufacturing for many global ebike brands, the company decided to produce something special of their own, a combination of classic charm and cutting edge technology and they’ve certainly achieved this with the Ariel Rider

As much as some of us would like to forget, we all live in an era where sustainability is no longer a luxury but a must. Many brands are struggling to get more people on and in sustainable vehicles. It’s up to company’s like Bann Industries to convince the world’s populace to use these products by creating personal transportation that not only looks great but has all the required gizmos demanded by today’s tech savvy customers.

When we first saw images of the Ariel Rider, we were immediately smitten. It's one of those products that cleverly combines classic styling and modern technology.

While cruiser bikes have always had a nostalgic side to them, the majority of consumers will not buy a  product just because it has a nostalgic gloss. People are searching for game changing technologies, unique craftsmanship and something that is pleasing to the eye. What defines Ariel Rider is, perfection in detail: hand stitched handlebar grips, an advanced trip computer and powerful-low energy consuming motor.

The basis for the bike is an all aluminum lightweight frame, with a  total absence of plastics. The bike also offers the option of high quality hand-stitched leather, sourced from Japan. It has a small and powerful motor that manages to match performance expectations with a silent zeal. The motor is able propel riders at a comfortable 20mph and comes in four configurations along with a 30 month manufacturers warranty. Ride data can be monitored courtesy of a trip computer that displays the speed, battery level, distance covered, temperature and lighting, it even turns your lights on when it gets dark!

Bann Industries currently offer their range of electric bikes in 17 countries and has received multiple awards for sustainability.

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