The Art of Time Management by John Bird

Impeccable time management and personal approach to the customer needs, these are the main principles of the lifestyle management

Impeccable time management and personal approach to the customer needs, these are the main principles of the lifestyle management, going to replace the usual concierge service. In this article, John Bird from Ashton Rose Concierge encourages readers to feel the difference.

John Bird from Ashton Rose ConciergeOver the last decade we have been observing a clear trend: increase of the number of family offices, offering lifestyle management services. What is the reason for it? In my view, it is quite simple: for a modern HNWI time is becoming one of the most valuable assets. So anything that helps to manage this increasingly scarce and expensive resource in the most efficient way starts to be in high demand, which produces an adequate offer.

It was the idea of providing professional assistance with regards to a wide range of topics, from making restaurant reservations and purchasing tickets to a world star concert to searching for an appropriate doctor or school for children from wealthy families, which originally gave birth to the concierge service.

Today, however, this service being in its conventional form a kind of phone book with many useful contacts does not fully meet requirements of modern HNWIs with a more sophisticated lifestyle and a broader variety of requests. Lifestyle management is a logical step in the evolution of the “traditional” concierge service, which providers take over the function of the complete support of wealthy clients. In essence, they manage their lifestyle.

In practice, the lifestyle management is a comprehensive personalized service, aiming at the organization of various processes in all spheres of vital interests of the HNWI and the members of his/her family. It helps managing daily life, entertainment, leisure, property acquisitions across the world, travelling and much more – anything the customer may want.

More than that: a good lifestyle manager should be able to advice on opportunities, which the HNWI may be not aware of. This is why the ability to be proactive in the interests of the customer, even if they are not expressed explicitly, is as characteristic feature of a high-class lifestyle-management, as the individual approach to the customer requests.

Needless to say how important it is to build a deep, sincere and trusting relationship between the manager and his/her customers. There is a certain nuance that makes this relationship so special: in about 80% of cases the main counterparty for the lifestyle-manager on the family side are wives. This not only imparts a certain psychological overtone to these relationships, but also directly affects the structure of request, most of which concern children.

To find your own lifestyle manager is well worth the time: it is exactly the case where such costs are fully justified. If your choice is successful, you will experience the difference in comfort of your life before and after very quickly.

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