The Daniel Strom Draco Watch.. fantasy and wonder.

The Daniel Strom Draco Watch.. fantasy and wonder.

A daring impact on time! Daniel Strom proudly unveils the Draco watch from the Agonium Watch Collection.

A Subtle way of emphasising the finite nature of our time and a philosophical invitation to seize the day – Carpe Diem!

The Daniel Strom Agnomium Collection – Both watch and sculpture.
The Daniel Strom Draco Watch.. fantasy and wonder.Nothing is identical, nothing is regular or smooth. A Certain edginess infiltrates the sculpted depths and mounds. The watches in the Agonium collection by Daniel Strom are clearly as much masterpieces of metal as they are feats of traditional Swiss watchmaking.

Closer inspection reveals the tiny lines left behind by the sculptor, but not a trace of soldering. Each piece has been created from a handcrafted mould and then finished by hand, coaxing the metal – silver, gold, platinum or palladium into the desired form while deferring to its prestige. Achieving such a result requires unquestionable artistic talent, but also patience and attention to every gesture. A proven savoir-faire that gives the full measure of the artists skill.

Let your eye linger on the details, trace the curves, take in each incision, amplify the forms. Skulls, winged dragons, vaults and crowns… read your own meanings into these creatures and penetrate the secrets of their unique and symbolic world. A world whose sculptural beauty and metaphoric value take precedence over the timepiece.

The Daniel Strom Draco Watch.. fantasy and wonder

For the second timepiece in the Agonium watch collection, Draco, Daniel Strom gives a creature of legend, the Dragon, pride of place. A fearsome guardian, imperious enemy or celestial demon? The dragon inspires as many questions as it has guises. Yet this extraordinary beast is unique as a symbol of divine power. Far from a creature of ill omen, an animal with a hidden darker side, the Dragon represents the flow of life and guarantees order and prosperity.

Daniel Strom draws us into his world of fantasy where we voyage among legends and beliefs, He rekindles our old fascinations to restore a note of optimism and hope. Like MEMENTO MORE, DRACO is the bearer of a message. An indefinable treasure, a mystery and a symbol. Draco is intended above all as a metaphor, it is a symbolic jewel first, a timepiece second. Noble Gold, silver, platinum and palladium lend their force and their qualities, allowing themselves to be wrought by the artists talent. First skulls, then dragons and soon angels embody the myths which this watch designer most values. The sculptural case protects the more delicate one that surrounds the movement, an ETA 2824 calibre. The ‘bone white’ or ‘black dial’ with a craquelure effect completes the picture, protected by a curved anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Time flows from twelve Arabic numerals, swept by polished hands.

The Daniel Strom Draco Watch Specifications:

  • Movement: Automatic, ETA 2824 calibre
  • Functions: Hours, minutes and seconds
  • Case: Solid sterling silver, 18k gold, palladium or platinum, finished by hand. Inner case in stainless steel. Curved anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Crown in the shape of a Royal crown. Water-resistant to 50 m / 5 ATM.
  • Dial: Bone white or black. Arabic numerals. Gold toned, white or black polished steel hands.
  • Strap: Black Hornback alligator with a dragon buckle in solid sterling silver, gold, palladium or platinum.
  • Price:
    Sterling silver: Limited to 88 pieces CHF 9,999
    Sterling silver with crown and buckle in 18k red gold: Limited to 88 pieces CHF 10,999
    18k red gold: Limited to 44 pieces CHF 27,555
    Platinum: Limited to 12 Pieces. Adjusted to the day’s price.
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