The Daphne collection of jewellery for women from Buccellati watches.

Mythology is an endless source of inspiration for all Buccellati items, and the recent delicate collection dedicated to Daphne is going to become really sought-after in the whole world.

The Daphne collection of jewellery for women from Buccellati watches.Daphne is a mythological character, is a nymph with a very savage personality and her name means “laurel”: she was the very first love of God Apollo and the unfortunate love of a lesser being called Leucippus, who died for her, thus leaving Apollo the chance to declare his love. The myth narrates that Daphne refused Apollo’s love and ran away to escape from him, but while she was fleeing and asking for help, she was transformed into a laurel tree. Since then, the laurel tree was Apollo’s favorite and he started to always wear a laurel wreath.

It is the story of an uncontrollable love that never comes true, a myth telling how vulnerable divine creatures are who, just like humans,
cannot resist to love.

The jewels composing the collection are rings, pendants and earrings: they are all flower-shaped, composed of five petals and centering 6 round brilliant-cut diamonds surrounding a bigger central diamond. All jewels are handcrafted in yellow and white gold together, typically “rigato” engraved, to create a harmonious chromatic brightness which gives a modern touch to a classic theme.

The Daphne collection of jewellery for women from Buccellati watches.The name “Daphne” has been chosen to underline that this collection particularly fits all those women who are contoured by an aura of mystery and want to hide their rebel and lively spirit behind a gentle and modern look.

The collection has been conceived to meet the exigencies of an up-to-date jewel containing the fundamental characteristics of a Buccellati item, and therefore clearly recognizable: “Daphne” mixes up millennium-old stories and myths with centuries-old goldsmith techniques and a modern design, resulting in a perfect combination that will successfully fascinates the Buccellati admirers worldwide.

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