The Wine Cab is a Unique and Fun Way to Explore Bordeaux’s Vineyards

Antoine Beucher inside the Wine Cab

Visitors to Bordeaux’s famed vineyards can now have a taste of Britain whilst exploring what the region has to offer, says Simon Wittenberg.

The London black cab is a quintessentially British institution, a prominent feature of postcards and used in advertisements to entice visitors to the UK. This same vehicle can now be found in western France as a mode of transport to discover the beauty of Bordeaux’s vineyards, which attract 10 million tourists every year.

As an alternative to luxury saloons and tours, Antoine Beucher (main image), who moved to the French city in 2010, has launched the original concept going by the name of “Wine Cab” to allow wine lovers to discover this area whilst riding in an English taxi. The vintage Fairway FX4 has been kitted out with a real tasting room – the idea is that guests can sample a glass or two whilst on the move.

Passengers inside the Wine Cab

The iconic vehicle can accommodate up to four people, with protective glass separating guests from the driver, and there are two different tours on offer, with prices starting from €132 per person (around £110).

The first is a four-hour journey to get an insight into some of the region’s aromatic and organic wines. This is the opportunity to hear about the best wines produced by passionate and knowledgeable winegrowers.

Passengers making a toast in the back of the Wine Cab

The circuit includes a pick-up and drop-off at a hotel in Bordeaux, two visits with tastings in two “Organic” certified châteaux, one “countryside” tasting in the vineyards (or in the cab when raining) and transport in an English taxi by an English-speaking driver. There’s also the option of being accompanied by an expert oenologist for an additional €280 (around £230).

The people you'll meet on one of the tours

The second tour is called “The Wine of Women Winegrowers”, which explores some of the passionate and fascinating women who are pioneers in this field.

Passengers enjoying a glass by the Cab

Other nice touches of the Wine Cab offering are that guests can create their own wine (as part of the cellar master workshop), whilst visitors don’t leave empty-handed or just go away with memories after riding in the black cab.

The souvenir book with photos

On departure, they will be handed a souvenir road book with Polaroid pictures for a permanent record of their visit to Bordeaux’s scenic vineyards.

Wine Cab – Where and How?

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The Wine Cab is a Unique and Fun Way to Explore Bordeaux's Vineyards 2


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