The Franc Vila FVn Nº 3 Inaccessible Tourbillon with Minute Repetition

The Franc Vila FVn Nº 3 Inaccessible Tourbillon with Minute Repetition

Franc Vila have unveiled another piece to wow the watch industry and its many millions of fans. This new timepiece is called the FVn Nº 3 Inaccessible Tourbillon Minute Repeater.

Franc Vila, the creator of the Swiss luxury watch brand chose the name Inaccessible because there will never be two watches the same in this collection. Each of the tourbillon watches will have a unique dial or some details that will make them different.

FVn Nº 3 Inaccessible Tourbillon Minute RepeaterThe inaugural piece of the collection is the first platinum watch ever made by Franc Vila. This material is not normally optimal for minute repeaters due to its density, but Franc Vila faced this challenge thanks to his background as a chemist and his acquired knowledge and experience when the brand introduced the SuperLigero collections.

The Franc Vila FVn Nº 3 Inaccessible follows the philosophy of the FVa35 SuperLigero 5-Minute repeater: the clever combination of different densities in the watchcase and in the parts of the movement in charge of the transmission of the sound. This technical approach delivers an astounding sonority thus allowing the use of dense materials for the construction of the watchcase.

In the words of Mr. Vila, “The minute repetition is one of my favourite complications because I find it to be the most poetic. I have always been passionate by the idea of mechanically converting time to music. In fact the first FRANC VILA watch was a perpetual watch with minute repeater. I’ve been working since the first moment to create a collection of minute repetition masterpieces and my aim since the beginning was to introduce a repeater with tourbillon, which is also one of my preferred complications.”

One of the characteristics of the FVn Nº 3 Inaccessible is the mechanism to activate the minute repetition. Instead of the use of a lever to start the repeater Franc Vila chose the rotation of the bezel, thus achieving a more balanced design from an aesthetics point of view. The FVn Nº 3 is also the first tourbillon with minute repeater water resistant to 100 meters ever made.

The FVn Nº 3 Inaccessible pays homage to master watchmakers and Swiss savoir-faire while successfully achieving the goal of combining the most elevated classical complications with elegant and contemporary aesthetics.

The Franc Vila FVn Nº 3 Inaccessible Tourbillon with Minute Repetition

The Franc Vila FVn Nº 3 Inaccessible Tourbillon with Minute Repetition

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