The Hasselblad Lunar – A camera that moves beyond luxury into the realm of luxurious

The Hasselblad Lunar - A camera that moves beyond luxury into the realm of luxurious

Legendary camera company, Hasselblad, the doyen of professional photographers throughout the world introduce the Lunar luxury camera.

When Wally Schirra, an American test pilot and one of the original Mercury Seven Astronauts wandered into a camera shop in Houston, Texas during the 60s, purchasing himself a Hasselblad camera. Who would have thought that this innocuous event would be remembered as one of the most important camera purchases of all time.
Seven years prior to man setting foot on the moon, ‘Wally’ Walter Schirra was one of the magnificent seven astronauts chosen for Project Mercury, America’s effort to put humans into space. As part of his contribution to the team, Wally wanted to document the mission using the best photographic equipment available at that time. In preparation for the launch, he stripped the leatherette from the camera, carefully painting the metal surfaces black to minimise any reflections, loaded the camera with film and the rest as they say is history. Wally’s Hasselblad camera performed wonderfully during the mission delivering a priceless collection of high quality images to the waiting earth bound Space Agency experts.
Astronaut Walter M. Schirra Jr. in Mercury pressure suit with model of Mercury capsule behind him.
From that point on NASA and Hasselblad – two cutting edge organisations, both obsessed with a relentless quest for ultimate quality – developed a unique commercial affinity. And as the burgeoning space programme evolved, the Sweden-based company continually modified and refined its cameras for use in out of this world environments. Amazingly, there are still to this day, thirteen discarded Hasselblad cameras on the surface of the moon, quite probably still working!
To many, Hasselblad is one of those brand names that people on the street will probably have heard of but may not know what the company does. However, if you have an interest in photography, then its almost a ‘sure bet’ that you’ll know exactly who Hasselblad are and some of their extraordinary creations. Whether through purpose or not, Hasselblad is acknowledged as the camera brand that probably sits at the very top of the camera world, a brand that leading professional photographers adore, with a price range outside the reach of many non-professional camera enthusiasts. Even those keen collectors of the finest things money can buy may have been likely dissuaded by the clean functional lines of the existing range, enormous range of technical options and advanced functionality. Products that concentrate on supreme results rather than something that looks good for the sake of looking good.
So you can imagine how thrilled we were hearing about the introduction by Hasselblad of the Lunar, a camera that has been tagged as a luxury camera, but in our opinion leap-frogs that moniker squarely into the domain of being luxurious. The Lunar is the ideal camera for those wanting something exclusive, a camera that oozes quality from every seam and button, and more importantly has good technical ability and a price point that is attractive to fans of luxury products, professional and semi-professional photographers alike. Just like when you pull up in a amazing car or roll up your sleeves to reveal a stunning wrist watch, the Hasselblad Lunar will have the same impact, reveal one of these while you’re out taking pictures and wait for the admiring glances, gasps and subsequent questions.
Key Lunar features include:
  • DSLR-like performance thanks to the highest technology APS-C 24.3 MP sensor with 25AF points focusing matched to an Ultra fast Processor with real time image processing and accurate RAW to JPEG translation.
  • Accurate composition for both still and video in any light conditions thanks to the Ultra-bright 3” high definition display and revolutionary OLED viewfinder that guarantees superior contrast and ultra fast response.
  • One-touch instant full HD video recording to shoot in Auto or fully manual mode. Focus and exposition control plus the connection for an external microphone and the option to use larger A-mount lenses for professional video creation.
  • Instant shutter response (0.02 second release time lag) ten frames per second and an extremely Wide ISO 100 -16000 range.
  • The camera software includes an exceptionally comprehensive set of creative styles, picture effects, scene selections and the smart ”intelligent face registration” making the shooting experience even more fun.
  • Auto HD, DRO and Anti-motion blur mode.
  • An Innovative TriNavi system for DSLR-like tuning, two flash options and Anti dust system complete the Lunar state-of-the-art package.
‘Lunar will appeal to people who demand the very best. The finest things in life.’ Dr. Larry Hansen
The Italian designed mirror less Lunar Camera is perfect for any user with DSLR like controls, a multitude of auto functions, HD video capability and a wide variety of realistically priced lens options.

The Hasselblad lunar comes in a luxurious variety of grip materials:

  • Wood (Beech, Olive, Pear and Mahogany)
  • Italian Leather (Multiple Colours)
  • Carbon Fibre (Black, Titanium, Silver)
CEO Dr. Larry Hansen comments: “I am determined that Hasselblad will have camera solutions at the top of each photo-segment in the marketplace, including SLR-type cameras and smaller compact capture devices.”
“I have always been a passionate photographer but I never thought that any manufacturer had actually made a camera for me. By that I mean a top quality camera that is easily portable, takes fabulous pictures and is, at the same time, stunningly beautiful, in the same way that a high-end tourbillon watch or a Ferrari is considered beautiful.” He admits: “The truth is that nobody actually needs to buy an expensive watch – but the watch industry is still a 30 billion euro business. The same principle applies to pens. You can buy a pen for a couple of euros – but people are still spending 100,000 euros just to acquire the very best pen in the world. And look at the car industry. That market provides very cheap transportation devices but it also manufactures super luxurious models made from high-tech materials derived from F1 technology.  Or the boat business.  Let’s face it. You can buy a simple, practical dinghy that does a good job floating. Or at the other end of the scale there are super yachts I think car magnate Ettore Bugatti summed it up when he made the point: ‘Nothing is too beautiful. Nothing is too expensive.’
The Lunar, which is set for launch in the first quarter of 2013, will be priced circa 5000 Euros and will be available in a choice of standard models plus a variety of exclusive hand grips and precious materials on special order.
Hasselblad have launched a website dedicated to the Lunar:
Hasselblad have launched a website dedicated to the Lunar:
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