The Hulchi Belluni jewellery collection – Harmony through Feng Shui jewellery.

The Hulchi Belluni jewellery collection - Harmony through Feng Shui jewellery.

The Hulchi Belluni jewellery collection is based on the philosophy of Feng Shui or the ancient Chinese science of bringing harmony to all aspects of our lives: our home and our family lives and our relationships, our workplace, our health and even our spirituality. The Chi or positive life energy which is central to this philosophy is an interplay of “wind and water”.

Belgian jewellery designer Martine Hul came into contact with Feng Shui many years ago through a good friend: “I quickly became enthusiastic about this philosophy. So right from the start, I applied the principles and symbolism at Hulchi Belluni. Both in the creation of the jewellery and when setting out our exhibition stands and the shops in Kortrijk and Antwerp. You can even see its influence in our packaging and in the name.

Hulchi Belluni stands for Hul, the talented designer’s surname. Chi is the positive life energy or cosmic breath. Belluni is formed by “Bella Luna”, the beautiful Moon. This heavenly body not only exerts a strong influence over our seas and oceans but also our own chi which is the bearer of our emotional life.

Martine Hul: “When I design, I withdraw to a room that has a positive influence on me. If that happens in moonlight – preferably when there is a full moon – nothing can go wrong.”

Belgian jewellery designer Martine HulThe designer certainly doesn’t lack inspiration. Besides the symbols from the Feng Shui philosophy, special events can also give rise to a beautiful jewel. For example, the Victoria collection was inspired by the birth of the baby of a colleague from the Hulchi Belluni workshop. Martine: “I was just sitting at the drawing board when the proud father came to tell me that his daughter Victoria had been born. I wanted that moment to be immortalized in a jewel symbolising the bond between mother and child.”

With Hulchi Belluni, Martine Hul wants to enable every woman to shine: “A Hulchi Belluni jewel should be part of the personality of the woman who wears it. The jewel should not be overwhelming, but must make her feel good and enhance her self-esteem. “Many Hulchi Belluni fans, at home and abroad, share those sentiments.

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