The Luminaire Seeks to Take Luxury Travel into New Territory in 2022

The Luminaire Seeks to Take Luxury Travel into New Territory in 2022

The Luminaire is a luxury travel company that understands today’s travellers have a deep passion for knowledge and want more personalisation. What differentiates it from other luxury travel companies is the journeys they offer are in the company of some of the greatest and most knowledgable minds in their respective fields.

The Luminaire has unveiled its brand new culturally enriching expert-led journeys for 2022, where guests get to experience intellectually stimulating expeditions in the company of some of the world’s greatest explorers, artists, photographers, archaeologists and more. The journeys are designed for a new demographic of curious travellers looking for more from their travels post-covid.

Last year, The Luminaire conducted their own research, surveying high-net-worth travellers across the world. Their findings revealed some surprising insights, proving that global travellers’ preferences had shifted dramatically over the past few years. The survey was in-line with other research we’ve written about during the past twelve months. Their research showed that today’s travellers prefer enriching cultural experiences over aspects such as room design.

A beautiful iceberg in Antarctica

The Luminaire’s Spring journeys include a wild expedition across Antarctica’s remote and icy desert with top scientists and explorers like Sir Ranulph Fiennes. An artistically illuminating trip to Venice is also available with top local architect Francesco Da Mosta and renowned art historian Dr Guilia Weston. We’ve shared three of the company’s latest journeys below:

Antarctica – Sir Ranulph Fiennes OBE
This is an expedition to explore new frontiers of scientific discovery through the eyes of the world’s greatest living explorer.

A man walking in Patagonia

Explorers will be embarking on their voyage by exploring the photogenic wilderness of southern Patagonia. Then through a combination of flying by charter and travelling by ice-breaking superyacht, intrepid travellers will make their way to Antarctica’s most active volcano.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes OBE

This journey allows adventurers to survey the world’s most inhospitable and untouched wilderness through the eyes of the trailblazers themselves. Whilst doing this, there will be the opportunity to rest in the most luxurious accommodation and dine with the elite Antarctic expedition team.

The price is from £118,025 per person based on two people sharing, nine nights.

The Venetian canals

Venice Art Biennale 2022 – Francesco da Mosto & Dr Giulia Martina Weston
This is a journey to gain an illuminating understanding of art, humanity, and Venice’s natural environment.

Guests will experience an insightful and unrivalled appreciation of one of the world’s greatest cultural events, the 59th edition of the Venice Biennale.

Black and white photograph of Francesco da Mosto sat on some steps

The acclaimed local architect Francesco da Mosto (above) and Early Modern Art specialist Dr Giulia Martina Weston provide illuminating perceptions on the city’s artistic, cultural, and political histories.

This year’s exhibition themes look at transformation, technology, and humanity’s relationship with the environment, as expressed across Italy’s culturally rich floating city.

A palazzo in Venice

Through rare behind-the-scenes access, globetrotters will be able to learn first-hand how Venice uses art and technology to preserve its essential relationship with nature. At the same time, patrons will get to luxuriate in the finest Venetian hotels and experience extraordinary and authentic Italian fine dining.

Pricing for this experience with The Luminaire is from £14,395 per person, five nights, for a group or family of four.

West Country – Sir Don McCullin CBE
This is a photographic adventure with the world’s greatest living photojournalist.

Sir Don McCullin CBE and an image of a gorge in the West Country

Entering the creative world, guests will be permitted to see Sir Don McCullin’s intimate relationship with the Somerset countryside, dating back to his childhood escaping the London Blitz.

Patrons will be given the rare privilege of exploring the experts’ decades-long career spent capturing the conflict and trauma of war through the dramatic and arresting natural landscape of Somerset Levels and Mendip Hills. Guests will find themselves enriched in history and nature, meanwhile enjoying the fine wines offered by the vineyards of Devon and Cornwall.

The price for this experience with The Luminaire is from £12,450 per person, three nights, for a group or family of six.

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The Luminaire Seeks to Take Luxury Travel into New Territory in 2022 2


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