The Luxurious Magazine Easter Treats Guide

The Luxurious Magazine Easter Treats Guide

Delve into our deliciously deluxe assortment of edible chocolates and eggs to surprise and delight this Easter

La Maison Du Chocolat: The Easter Atelier (Image above)
Make an imaginary visit to a land where Easter is seen through the eyes of a child. This playful edible scene tells a stunning tale of bunny rabbit pastry chefs teaching the little ones about the art of patisserie. Chocolate cabinets, floor tiles, spoons and pastries turn the chocolate world upside down. Each piece has been hand crafted, delicately painted and invented specially by the chocolatier’s master chef, Nicolas Cloiseau.

Prestat: London Gin Truffle Easter Egg
To celebrate its London heritage, Prestat has created a new extravagant egg made from the finest milk chocolate flavoured with lemon oil. It is then filled with truffles made with ganache flavoured with gin, Mediterranean lemon oil and juniper, all enrobed in a decadent white chocolate. A bite of Prestat’s homage to a gin and tonic mixer also reveals another secret ingredient: a magical fizz that tingles on your tongue. What’s more, when you lift the lid you’ll discover a gold-foiled egg nestling on a bed of fuchsia tissue.

LR: Prestat: London Gin Truffle Easter Egg and Hotel Chocolat: Half & Half Ostrich Egg

Hotel Chocolat: Half & Half Ostrich Egg
Enjoy the best of both chocolate worlds with these two truly gigantic shells. One is made of 50% milk with crispy feuilletine and the other contains 70% dark chocolate. This speckled egg is studded with almonds and filled with an exciting collection of 29 milk and dark chocolates. Hidden in your ostrich box you will also discover six fabulous foil-wrapped milk chocolate egglets within your box, each one filled with a thrilling salted runny caramel.

Lindt: Giant Gold Bunny
This enormous 1kg in weight creamy milk chocolate and utterly moreish super bunny is guaranteed to make a lasting impression on anyone. Hand-wrapped and beautifully presented in an elegant carrier case with handle, it makes an ideal sharing gift for the whole family.

LR: Lindt: Giant Gold Bunny, Godiva: Easter Chocolate Temptations, Charbonnel & Walker: Big Bertha

Godiva: Easter Chocolate Temptations
This intricately beaded delicate egg not only looks pretty but has masses of ‘keepsake’ appeal, long after the chocolates have been readily devoured. The egg itself is filled with a tempting mix of foil-wrapped chocolate mini eggs. A separate gold ballotin box is also included with signature Belgian chocolates stored inside, all beautifully wrapped in a spring-time blue ribbon and flower decoration.

Charbonnel & Walker: Big Bertha
Hand made by the English purveyors of chocolate, this gorgeous gigantic egg contains the finest English chocolate and is hand decorated with a traditional Victorian design of spring blossoms and chocolate piping. Made to order, it is available in two whopping weights: 7.7kg and 12.25kg

Rococo Chocolates: Birds of Paradise
This classic barnyard-chic, scrumptiously sweet crate contains 12 chocolate caramel eggs infused with three unusual flavours: kalamansi lime, passion fruit and rosemary and mandarin and tonka bean. Each egg has been beautifully handmade by Barry Johnson, Rococo’s principal chocolatier and his talented team.

LR: Rococo Chocolates: Birds of Paradise, Pierre Herme: Oeuf Galets, Booja-Booja

Pierre Herme: Oeuf Galets
Brought to you by the Parisian confectioner who is famous for making scrummy macarons, this artistic limited edition egg is made out of pure origin chocolate from Peru and features luscious coloured discs (galets). You will want to sit there and pick each galet off and pop them in your mouth with such melty flavours including yuzu ganache and dark chocolate, salted-butter caramel and milk chocolate and chocolate ganache with raspberry and dark chocolate. And that’s before you have even tucked into the shell.

Organic, dairy, soya and gluten free, these gorgeous artisan eggs are the result of a partnership with Persian Dowry in Kashmir for more than ten years. Booja-Booja supports the growth of this community-based business that champions traditional Kashmiri crafts and employs more than 100 artisans. Each Easter egg is skilfully hand painted to produce exquisite pieces of art that will last for years. The eggs are then shipped to England, where they are filled with mouth-watering chocolate truffles.

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