The Luxurious Magazine Interview With Truska Angel, CEO of Prindiville Design, and Alex Prindiville, Founder and Chief Designer.

The Luxurious Magazine Interview With Truska Angel, CEO of Prindiville Design, and Alex Prindiville, Founder and Chief Designer.

About Prindiville Design

Truska Angel, CEO of Prindiville DesignPrindiville Design Founded in 2000, and headquartered in London (United Kingdom), Prindiville Design is today one of the world’s leading luxury bespoke coachbuilders, boasting a global client portfolio spanning across the USA, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.

At the centre of the organisation is Alex Prindiville, the man who personally creates and oversees all of the company’s design projects, bringing ideas and dreams to life.  As long as it can be made, the boundaries are limitless, which allows the imagination of their customers to run wild, and own a vehicle designed and built specifically around their ultimate desires.

As well as the visual and performance tuning of some of the world’s most sought after supercars including the Lamborghini Aventador, Prindiville Design engineers, manufactures, and stocks a vast range of visual and performance tuning parts for a growing number of prestige models. The coachbuilder equally prides itself on their extensive experience of carbon fibre manufacture and construction techniques, which they have, in turn, extended to the automotive, aeronautic, and boatbuilding sectors.

The Luxurious Magazine Interview with Truska Angel and Alex Prindiville.

Luxurious Magazine: You have recently relaunched the Prindiville Design marque. What can we now expect?

Truska Angel: After 12 years in business, we have re-defined our service portfolio into the distinct offerings which include coachbuilding, facelifts, as well as performance and visual tuning. However, our core focus remains on performance and luxury, and we will carry on expanding our model line-up with exciting new designs and novel equipment. We are also continuing to look at alternative fuels, and ways to make green motoring both sustainable and exciting.

LM: The luxury Limited Edition Land Rover Defender you have just announced has been very well received. What makes it so special?

Alex Prindiville: The response has been extremely encouraging, and we have received a number of enquires from across the globe. In our view, what makes it so special, is that this vehicle is extremely limited – only 25 units are available worldwide, and it sports the most extensive ever conversion package for a Land Rover Defender.

With such a high level of specification and finish, there is nothing else like it on the market today.

The luxury Limited Edition Land Rover Defender from Prindiville Design

LM: What sets Prindiville Design apart from other coachbuilders?

TA: Innovation is at the heart of Prindiville Design, and forms the basis of everything that we do. Combined with creativity, exquisite quality, traditional craftsmanship, and above all, sought after customer service, we believe that we offer a unique proposition relative to our counterparts.

Furthermore, we look to challenge the status quo by exploring new ways of doing things, and solving modern day problems through paying close attention to how customers actually use our cars. For example, we created door mirror and rear view cameras to make the Lamborghini Murciélago more practical, technology which we have since transferred to the new Princiville Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 supercar.

LM: Which organisations do you see as your biggest competition?

TA: We admire the work of many of our competitors. However, our philosophy is to ensure that dealing with Prindiville is a pleasure, and at the same time, allow our clients to be confident in the knowledge that they are dealing with an organisation renowned for their exemplary standards of quality and customer service.

LM: And about yourself Alex, who do you think is the most iconic car designer of all time?

AP: I have been consistently in awe of the Italian design house, Pininfarina, who has been responsible for styling some of the world’s most revered models including the Ferrari F40 and Testarossa, and the legendary Jaguar XJ220. I am keeping a close eye on their stunning Cambiano saloon concept which will be shown at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland later this month.

The Luxurious Magazine Interview With Truska Angel, CEO of Prindiville Design, and Alex Prindiville, Founder and Chief Designer. 4LM: Have you always been a car enthusiast and had a flair for design?

AP: Cars and design have been in my blood since my early childhood, and my passion for the highest quality automotive engineering and craftsmanship stretches back to a very young age. I vividly remember helping my father tinker with his classic Jaguar E-type, in awe at his obsession with the fine details which helped turn a good car into a great one. I also like to think that I have inherited my father’s attention to detail: it is certainly the bedrock of the work we do today at Prindiville.

LM: Growing up, what was your favourite car, and have you had a chance to drive it?

AP: Apart from the Aston Martin and Ferrari models of the 70s such as the Dino and Daytona, it was the iconic Jaguar E-type which I fell in love with. I am pleased to say that my childhood dreams have come true, and I have got behind the wheel of both this model and numerous Aston Martins and Ferraris, which were certainly worth the wait. It is also nice to see the British-built Lyonheart K from the Classic Factory bringing back styling cues from the E-Type.

LM: What do you make of the new Aston Martin V12 Zagato? Could this get the Prindiville treatment one day?

AP: It is always special to witness the return of the Zagato name, which evokes so much heritage. Marek Reichman and his design team have done a great job, and the flowing profile of the car really captures what the DB4GT was all about. If customers demand it, we would be delighted to Prindiville it!

LM: Which launches are you most looking forward to this year?

AP: I think that the Ferrari F620 GT will be one of my definite highlights of 2012. It is set to be the fastest road car ever made at Maranello, and I am sure that it will make a worthy successor to the 599. Maserati is also one to watch, as is of course, Aston Martin.

LM: Thank you very much for your time, and it has been a privilege to gain an exclusive insight into Prindiville Design.

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