The Memento Mori, Carpe Noctem Timepiece

Memento Mori, Carpe Noctem from Daniel Strom

Daniel Strom is not your traditional watch and jewellery designer, this can be seen in his stunning creations, just one close look at his latest horological offering bear witness to this.

Daniel is a man who loves to push boundaries using themes that many other designers often shy away from. Memento More, Carpe, Noctem is a perfect example of the aforementioned and is the latest addition to his quite extraordinary Agonium collection.

Behind its solid steel case adorned with skulls lies the same penchant for provocation. Behind its curves, incisions and cutouts lies the same attention to detail. And behind the blood red almost hypnotic appearance lies the ancestral Japanese art of Urushi.

Strom sets the scene for this peerless lacquering technique and chooses Memento Mori, the first model in the Agonium collection, for this new interpretation. Carpe Diem thus becomes Carpe Noctem “Remember that you will die. Seize the night”. The bone dial has given way to the red Urushi dial flirting with a shadowy shade of black. This intense vermilion hue is achieved by cinnabar pigments colouring this unique lacquer, formerly favoured for its durability and long term stability but which quickly distinguished itself as an ornamental element. The watchmaker gives it pride of place by applying it to the dial, vividly echoed by the rubies encrusted in the eyes of the skulls taking their place on the crown and lugs, as well as the overstitching on the bright red strap. For a full three weeks, the master lacquer artist applies around twenty successive ultra fine layers to form a result that is sturdy, fascinating… and always unique.

The Memento Mori, Carpe Noctem Timepiece

This time honoured art further enhances a timepiece that definitely never chooses the easy path. To begin with, the Philosopher adds his grain of salt by evoking our finite nature and invites us to enjoy life by adorning his timepiece with a highly symbolic face featuring skulls. The theme pervades the entire watch, from the case middle right the way through to the buckle, radiating self evident provocation. Then comes the turn of the Watchmaker, with a solid silver case embodying a perfect match between horology and the silversmiths art. The fascinating relief effects of the case middle sculpted by a master artisan house the ETA 2824 calibre. Finally, the Designer intervenes in the process. While remaining true to the original identity codes of the collection, he takes Memento Mori to the next level by associating traditional Swiss watchmaking with this Japanese art dating back over 10,000 years BC. It is quite clearly the respective contributions of these personalities that bring this daring vision to such singularly vibrant life.

The price for Memento Mori, Carpe Noctem: CHF 13,999.00

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