How MM Linen Can Transform a Bedroom into a Beautiful Work of Art

Going 'Under the Covers' with MM Linen to Learn their Story

We all know sleep matters. It’s why we are often told of the importance of investing in a good mattress and pillows to get a decent night’s shut-eye. But the importance of quality linen is often overlooked. With this in mind, Luxurious Magazine’s Sabi Phagura has been looking into what bed linen brand MM Linen has to offer.

You may be thinking, why does it matter what material my bedding is made from as long as it looks good, right? But when you ponder the average person spends a third of their life under a bedsheet, suddenly the fabric we snuggle up in becomes a little more important.

One look at their website, and you’ll soon discover MM Linen are creators of the most elegantly designed bed linen, which exudes a wonderful sense of sophisticated luxury. Kerry Jackson, creative director at MM Linen, had spent 20 years as a specialist homewares buyer. What has evolved as the signature style of her brand was directly inspired by her love of fashion.

Kerry Jackson, the Founder of MM Linen“I love wearing bright florals and lots of saturated colours, and I thought, well, why wouldn’t I want to fashion exciting bright floral designs to dress the home?” Kerry told us.

Floral patterns and botanicals with a strong focus on colour, together with interweaving seasonal fashion trends and timeless motifs, created the brand’s confident look… so, if you like bold floral-inspired prints, then MM Linen is for you. They have such a great variety of designs to choose from too.

Working in collaboration with talented artists from around the globe to create exquisite hand-painted originals, these beautiful artworks are then digitally printed on luxuriously smooth 220 thread count sateen. It’s a super soft, 100% breathable fabric that helps to regulate your body’s temperature and keep you comfortably rested the whole night through.

And if you’re looking for a complete bedroom transformation, their designs extended beyond bedding to include sumptuous cushions, quilted throws and velvet curtains.

Taking the plunge into business ownership is a daunting prospect for anyone. But in 2013, having just turned 50 and following a hugely successful career as a senior buyer, Kerry Jackson was faced with becoming unemployed due to a company restructure – upshot that propelled her forward on an exciting journey where MM Linen materialised.

Kerry told Luxurious Magazine that senior careers in buying are normally based in Auckland, New Zealand, but she couldn’t bring herself to leave her hometown of Christchurch, a city she loved living in, to seek a new role.

Instead, she plucked up the courage to call a business contact and friend to see how he would feel about going into business together designing, manufacturing and selling linen.

The brand's Maise Duvet collection

Through her love of fabrics, design and interiors, teamed with determination and experience in sourcing and designing luxury linen, Kerry had access to the factories and manufacturing contacts to launch the brand.

MM Linen is now in its seventh year of business and is an international success in eight countries – New Zealand, Australia, Israel, South Africa, Canada, America, UAE, and the UK; it’s also John Lewis’s number one bedding brand.

The Collection
MM Linen is committed to bringing fashionable newness to their customers, and as well as launching two seasonal edits each year, they have recently expanded the range to now include ben linen, cushions, bedspreads, throws, curtains, kitchen textiles… with more to follow later this year.

The Avital collection, bedding and an image of a cushion

We were able to check out one of their duvet sets for ourselves and were pleased to say it certainly lived up to the brand’s promise of being artistic and unique with the ability to transform the bedroom into a serene sanctuary. The Avital duvet set (above) came packaged in a fabric button bag of the same pattern as the linen, a pretty floral design in hues of rich teal and cream with hints of blue and featuring hummingbirds.

The material was super-soft to the touch, and once cosied under the covers, it felt even better on the skin thanks to its 220-thread count cotton sateen material. Cotton fabric is a great choice, too as, it is woven from 100% natural fibres, so it helps keep your skin cool throughout the night.

An alternative view of the Avital linen collection on a bed

Furthermore, sustainability and being an ethical manufacturer values are close to the brand’s heart. MM Linen is a carbon-neutral company, offsetting all emissions created from seed to store by investing in clean energy.

Last season the company introduced fabric packaging to its range in a move to proactively reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in a landfill. At Luxurious Magazine, we champion sustainability, so this was a winning feature for us.

If you find yourself tossing and turning at night, too hot and clammy, or your skin is feeling irritated by synthetic fabrics, it may be time to look at your bedding choice. Sure, MM Linen is not the cheapest bedding out there, but what price would you for a good night’s sleep?

The light coloured Stella collection of bed linen

MM Linen – Where and how?

The MM Linen is available globally and exclusively in the UK through John Lewis and via the MM Linen website. Available in three sizes, double, king and super king, we tested the Avital duvet set mentioned, which retails at £95.00.

Their UK office is based at The Manor, Main Street, Tur Langton, Leicester LE8 0PJ, United Kingdom. For more information and to see their full collection, visit

How MM Linen Can Transform a Bedroom into a Beautiful Work of Art 2


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