The Morella Sassoon Interview with Luxurious Magazine.

Self-taught designer Daniella, and her partner Monty Sassoon, the founders of Morella Sassoon.

Morella Sassoon is a British, luxury designer label dedicated to delivering meticulous designs of timeless, feminine elegance combined with the use of magnificent fabrics, intricate embellishments and delicate finishes. The Label is run by the British self-taught designer Daniella, and her partner Monty Sassoon, who incorporate English personality into the label whilst upholding the highest standard of quality. Morella Sassoon brings together the flawless use of rich fabrics and beadwork with the aspiration to make the wearer feel confident, polished and dressed to perfection.

Morella Sassoon “Our aspiration is to extend our influence and transform into one of Britains leading luxury brands.”

Thank you for taking part in a Luxurious Magazine® interview. I’d like to start by finding out a little about you and Monty. Daniella, at what age did you start to discover that you had an interest in fashion and what influenced you?

Morella Sassoon clothing range DS: Hi, thank you for taking the time out to interview us. I have always had a love for designing from as far back as I can remember. When I was 14 I got my first sewing machine and from that day on I was always making my own clothes and dresses for my family & friends. My drive came from when I was young when I made a promise that I would strive to make something of myself and work hard to achieve my dream no matter how hard. It is thanks to my mum and my husband who have supported me throughout, that I have now launched my first collection.

Luxurious Magazine: If you were asked to describe the Morella Sassoon clothing range to someone that might not know the brand, what would you say?

DS: Morella Sassoon is elegant and fun both at the same time, its flirty while also allows the wearer to feel confidant. It’s also a little adventurous and exciting for those who love a bit of sparkle but also offers the delicate use of leaver lace. Morella Sassoon offers something that feels good to wear and impressive on the eye.

Luxurious Magazine: How easy has it been creating the Morella Sassoon ‘Label’?

DS: Nothing worth having in life comes easy. The industry is not the easiest one to break into but we have had a good response to the collection, people have appreciated the quality and intricate details which are most often forgot about in today’s clothing. Quality is something we never cut back on. It has taken us about a year to develop the collection and find the right people we want to work with. It’s been tough but it’s also been an exciting and interesting ride. I am looking forward to seeing how many more challenges we can overcome.

Luxurious Magazine: What are both your respective roles within Morella Sassoon?

MS: Daniella works solely on the design side. She spends hours sketching and researching fabrics. She has managed to convince me that shopping together is now research! She also holds a Business & Accounting degree and therefore she controls all the accounts, budgets and expenses. I handle all the sales, press as well as manage the production. Daniella spotted my zero tolerance for quality control and decided to put me in charge of the production.  I’m also developing my pattern making skills at the moment; it’s something I’m quite keen on. To see something transform from 2D to 3D is curiously intriguing. We discussed it about 6 months ago and I’m always working on perfecting my skills. So we shall see.

Morella Sassoon clothing range Luxurious Magazine: How did you come up with the name?

MS: Well Daniella was determined to use a name that meant something to us but not necessarily would point everything to her. A lot of designer use their own names but Daniella felt it may focus too much and her and she wants people to see the designs rather than her name. My name from my family is Mordy which became Monty through growing up and it just stuck. Sassoon is my family name and Daniella obviously took that on once we got married. We came up with a combination of Mordy and Daniella to make Morella Sassoon. I think it works.

Luxurious Magazine: Talks us through an average day for Daniella and Monty Sassoon?

DS: Well we start the day around 7.30am with having breakfast. Anyone who knows Monty knows he cannot function without food and which has influenced me over the years. After breakfast we work through our emails replying and providing answers to requests. This can vary from taking 15mins to a few hours. Monty then deals with any dresses needed for stylists and I would chase all the fabric suppliers getting samples and ordering for production. I spend the rest of the day doing research and looking for inspiration. I often take a trip down to fabric shops and showrooms to see if there is anything new that may have come in. Monty spends the afternoon chasing up buyers and meeting potential stockists to show them our collection. I will then come back from researching and go to my inspiration board and update my design sketches and add more sticky notes all over my wall. I always ask Monty’s opinion (not that I always listen) I just like to hear another point of view and get fresh eyes. We always have dinner together and discuss our day. We generally end the day around 9pm and have our switch off time until 12pm. And then by morning we almost always go round again!

Luxurious Magazine: Was it just one or both of you that came up with the idea of Morella Sassoon and tell us about the moment you decided, ‘It’s going to happen’’

Morella Sassoon clothing range DS: Designing is my passion and I have pushed the brand anyway I can. I started the idea but without Monty I wouldn’t have been able to get it off the ground. In this industry you need support anywhere you can get it and with both of us it just made it much more possible. The amount of time that goes into starting a business especially a designer brand is physically and mentally exhausting. Monty started of supporting me anyway he could but now he puts in as much, if not more effort and work than I do, so it is as much his as it is mine. We decided to go for it when he saw how unhappy I was when I wasn’t designing and he gave me the confidence to go for it. It was the best decision I ever made as no matter how hard things have gotten I have not been unhappy since.

Luxurious Magazine: What’s the best part of running a fashion brand, and what if anything is the part(s) you are not so keen on?

DS: The best part of what we do is seeing the final pieces which have been worked on intensely through late nights and it comes out better then you imagined. Hearing people love the designs is hugely gratifying and the satisfaction makes it all worth it. So far I have to say we’ve had a pretty good ride, it’s been really tough at times but it’s all worth it in the end so there is nothing I would change.

Luxurious Magazine: You recently held the launch party at China White in London, what are your thoughts on the launch?

MS: We were quite nervous as it was our first time showing for the public but we got a fantastic response. People loved our designs and we got some great feedback. We hope to be showing our next season for Spring/Summer 2013 at London Fashion Week in September. We will be sure to save you front row seats!

Luxurious Magazine: Tell us about your 2012/2013 Collection, how can people buy the range, and do you have a favourite piece?

MS: The range will be stocked from August at Wolf & Badger in Notting hill, Rous Iland on Dover Street, Genevieve in Temple Fortune and online at The range and bespoke dresses can also be ordered made-to-measure by contacting us directly.

DS: Its tough to pick a favourite, I love them all and I wouldn’t have designed anything that I didn’t feel was not a personal favourite. But if I had to choose I would go for the short, black, silk encrusted dress (available at Wolf & Badger). I love the intricacy of the beadwork and the fit of the dress is fantastic. The silk hugs softly against the skin with ease; you wouldn’t feel the usual discomfort which comes from wearing many evening dresses. Alternatively, I also love the crystallised nude gown which oozes class and luxury with the specifically designed metallic embroidery and strategically placed crystals. It’s perfect for a red carpet event or an occasion where you just want to shine (available by appointment at Rous Iland).

Luxurious Magazine: (Scenario) Both of you have been invited to a cocktail party in a ‘Swanky Club’ in London, what type of clothing does Daniella Sassoon wear and what would Monty wear?

MS: Jeans and a shirt. Simple.

DS: Oh my god, what do I wear? We could be here a while. As a woman this can change 10 times depending on how I feel that night, but I would generally choose a flirty short dress and a good pair of heels. I would go for something like our short, lace or embellished A-line dress. It’s elegant, yet simple and clean. They have also been our most popular pieces of the collection.

Morella Sassoon clothing range Luxurious Magazine: Where would you like to see Morella Sassoon in 5 years time?

DS: In 5 years time I hope to be launching our own Morella Sassoon retail store as well as be stocked internationally. I see us growing steadily each year and hopefully by the fifth year we will be spotted and possibly worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. That’s not asking too much, is it?    Luxurious Magazine: Would either of you like to add anything?

DS: Thank you for interviewing us. MS: Yes, thank you again and we shall be sure to keep you updated with our progress.

Once again, thank you for talking the time to talk to us, the Morella Sassoon collection is beautiful and I am glad that I got in early interviewing you before you become too famous!

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