The New Goldmund Logos 1N and 2N Proteus Speakers.

The New Goldmund Logos 1N and 2N Proteus Speakers.The first Logos 1N and 2N have been shipped from the Goldmund factory. Next production is almost sold out so it seems this model will be a big success. The feedback we have had from you so far is excellent both for the price positioning and for the performance.

This speaker system has been created to function exclusively with Proteus and Leonardo and provides the highest level of sound quality. In terms of price, it offers an excellent option, located between the Metis speakers and Epilogue 1 and 2 system. The Logos 1and 2N are sold only as active, with digital input only, and can only function with Goldmund processors (Metis 10, Mimesis 15, Mimesis 16/16HD or Mimesis 32). They are thus sold as a full stereo or multichannel system.

    Digital SPDIF input ON/OFF switch AC line plug Orange locking led
    Low Frequency Cutoff: < 40 Hz -3dB High Frequency Cutoff: > 28 kHz
    1 x 17 cm low frequency proprietary driver 1 x dome tweeter
    2 x Flexible Vent loading
    Built-In 2 x 150 W Telos Amplifier Amplifier dynamic Range: > 100 dB (no weighting)
    Nominal range: 117V or 234V (+/-10%) Internal Fuses: – 5A slow-blow type for 220V – 8A slow-blow type for 110V

The Logos 1N is fully constructed in metal with implementation of the mechanical grounding system to evacuate vibrations.

Last but not least, the new logos 1+2N is also available in in-wall versions with the same similar characteristics for customers who would like to hide their system. A mix of both models is also possible with the Logos 1+2N in front and the surround speakers hidden in the walls. This new products thus offers countless systems and customization possibilities that will without doubt appeal to the most demanding customers.

  • The New Goldmund Logos 1N and 2N Proteus Speakers.BACK PANEL CONTROLS
    Digital input
    Digital output
    ON/OFF switch
    Orange locking led
    AC line plug
    AC Output
    power line connector to power the Logos 1N (Logos Frame)
    Frequency response: Low Frequency Cutoff: < 22Hz -3dB
    30 cm driver and 30cm passive radiator, selected for its high linearity and dynamics
    Built-In 300 W Telos Amplifier
    Nominal range: 117V or 234V (+/-10%) Internal Fuses: – 5A slow-blow type for 220V – 8A slow-blow type for 110V
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