OOOOO We Love a Bit Of Online Shopping With This App

OOOOO We Love a Bit Of Online Shopping With This App

There’s no denying online shopping is here to stay, given that most of now are now completely comfortable with the convenience of armchair retail. Sabi Phagura takes a look at the OOOOO app that could help to change once more the way we shop.

After just two months of being established in the UK, the OOOOO app is now ranked the number one shopping app, bumping off both Amazon and eBay in the apps chart.

Where the app ranks in the download chartsOOOOO is a live-streaming video commerce platform that helps people earn a living doing what they love.

You could say it’s the digital-loving younger generations’ answer to the popular TV shopping channel QVC, where you can shop instantly while perusing its 25 live channels.

OOOOO was founded last year by Sam Jones (ex-Wish) and Eric Zhang (ex TikTok), and they have offices in Oxford and Shanghai. They have also created a studio in Soho London for creators to use, to access stock 24/7.

The app follows a megatrend in China for live shopping, already estimated to be worth $180 billion US dollars a year in sales.

Experts have described the OOOOO app as a combination of TikTok and Amazon. Simply put, the app allows users to view video feeds uploaded by creators who review products they’ve tried and tested themselves.

Viewers can then shop the products at the touch of a button directly through creator videos and live broadcasts.

Jones and Zhang created the app after spotting a gap in the UK market. They had witnessed the rush of live shopping in China and wanted to bring it to the west. Since November 2020, the team has grown to 35 people globally.

OOOOO seeks to connect merchants with consumers via live shows and reward the community for growing the user base instead of buying adverts from platforms like Facebook.

Self-described as “entertainment first, shopping later”, the app says it “exists to provide unscripted opinions, spark live conversations and challenge the way traditional retail works. We do not have shops, trucks, or inventory. Just a load of opinions and products to share.”

The app already has 200,000 users, and OOOOO has said the live show audiences are reaching up to 10,000 viewers. Content on each of the “channels” is tailored for specific audiences.

A good example of this is the book TV channel. It has live shows covering children’s literature, comics, novels, thrillers, and everything in between.

The app is meant to “shake up” the retail industry, with Jones saying they don’t want “fake salesmen” selling products. He was recently quoted as saying: “Our view is that the retail industry will never truly recover from this year. Instead, people will form new habits and seek new ways to earn a living. We want to be part of this inevitable shift.”

Live shopping is already recognised as a career in China by the government, with schools teaching people how to sell.

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How the OOOOO app works
Once the app is downloaded (it’s available on Android and Apple devices), it will take you to its home screen, where you can navigate different topics and live streams. Topics include fashion, cosmetics, shoes, toys, gym, books, TV and trending.

At the top of the screen, users can navigate between watching live videos, previously recorded videos and view content from those they follow. Head to the bottom, and you can shop directly by category, check your notifications and log in to your account.

To purchase a product, users simply need to click the product link in the bottom right corner of the video, and it will show you the product and how to buy it. A link pops up stating the video was made by a creator who was sent the product from OOOOO – and the creator will receive a commission if you purchase the product.

Other features include the newly installed Flash Sale, which is the ability to sell any product anywhere in the world, at any time. Those who enjoy playing games can get involved in Melon Madness: a game like Candy Crush where one can win money towards OOOOO purchases.

There’s also a Tipping Feature where users can tip performers like musicians on Busking TV, and finally, there is Hot or Not, where viewers can vote what’s hot or not, so the “hot” products are sold live based upon the viewers’ choices.

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OOOOO – Where and How?

Orders over £20 are shipped for free, while a standard shipping fee of £2.95 applies for anything below this. Shipping can take between five and ten days. For more information on OOOOO, visit

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